A Guide to the Different Types of Crystals

Healing crystals have gained a vast amount of popularity in the past few years, with 14 percent of people in the United States believing in the healing powers of these stunning stones. Crystals come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, with names ranging from Amethyst to Zinc. Understanding the meanings of crystals makes shopping and finding the best option a fun adventure.

It only takes one crystal to start a crystal collection. Diving into the types of crystals will show you your options and help you find your favorites. You can proudly display your favorite healing crystals and enjoy their tranquility in your home.

Fortunately, you’ve found this informative guide on the types of crystals you should consider when collecting crystals. Continue reading to find your favorite crystals today!


Citrine is one of the most popular crystals for collectors because it’s a happy crystal. The bright orange color will lighten your mood and help you through the most challenging days. Owning a Citrine crystal will help you stay on the right path and manifest your dreams.

Try using your Citrine crystal in a quiet spot and take your shoes off for a memorable grounding experience. Spending time with your crystal is an excellent way to become more mindful and find happiness.


Quartz is another excellent option when looking at the types of crystals to add to your collection. It’s one of the clearest healing crystals, and many believe it provides clarity when faced with trying times. Consider purchasing a quartz healing crystal for your first crystal to get acquainted with your options.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is similar to quartz, but the meanings of these crystals are geared toward your love life rather than clarity for the future. This stone represents unconditional love and is a beautiful addition to any crystal collection. Use this crystal to nurture and love yourself.

Placing the rose quartz crystal over your heart can allow you to open your heart chakra and forgive those who have harmed you. It’s one of the best healing crystals.


Carnelian gets less attention than other crystals, but it’s an essential component of a substantial crystal collection. This healing crystal is supposed to help you channel your creative energy to create beautiful things. Many believe the carnelian spiritual meaning allows you to overcome burnout and regain your old self.

Try staring into this beautiful stone to unlock your creative and sexual energy. The stunning orange color will help you find more motivation and creativity in daily life.

Collect These Types of Crystals Today

Collecting healing crystals is a therapeutic and enjoyable activity, especially when you know the best types of crystals to collect. Carnelian is perfect for overcoming burnout, while Citirine helps you boost your happiness and energy. Consider adding quarts to your crystal collection to find clarity in your life.

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