A Guide to the Most Popular Fire Pits of 2023

A recent poll showed that 67% of homeowners wanted to get a fire pit for their homes. The most common reason was for outdoor parties when the weather is getting chilly.

Fire pits have been very popular for a long time and don’t seem to be going out of style. When it comes to outdoor features, they are perfect for all kinds of homes.

There are different fire pit options that you first need to consider. This guide will tell you about the most popular options for 2023 and why they are ideal.

Keep reading to find out what fire pits you should consider for your backyard.

Enclosure Fire Pits

Some fire pit styles have more of a rugged or traditional appearance. One option that falls somewhere in the middle is enclosure fire pits.

The fire pit is at the center of a square or circular enclosure most of the time. Although, the enclosure can come in varying sizes and shapes depending on your preferences.

These enclosures can come in a variety of materials, from concrete to brick. This creates a comfortable lip around the fire pit that keeps little hands away from harm’s way.

This lip can also serve as a small place for people to put snacks or drinks. Overall, this is a very popular option for good reason.

It provides the perfect fire pit feature that you can have backyard furniture nestled around.

Fire Bowls

Some outdoor products for sale include another popular fire pit option. This is fire bowls, which is self-explanatory to an extent.

Fire bowls are where a fire pit is situated in a bowl structure. The bowl is usually made of metal or concrete that is filled with pebbles.

Most fire bowls are fueled with a gas fire since they don’t actually burn wood. You can also stray from the classic bowl shape for a square bowl instead.

These are very refined and modern-looking fire pits. If your home has this kind of vibe, this would be the perfect outdoor feature.

Fire Fountains

Finding the right outdoor furniture can be quite a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to finding fire pits that suit your outdoor space.

A very unique option is buying a fire fountain. This is a whimsical combination of fire and water, with a fire pit and a fountain combined.

There are various shapes available where the fire pit is nestled right in the middle. There’s usually a water fountain surrounding the fire pit or laying somewhere underneath it.

The water spills out, creating a spectacular show. Most homeowners install these fire pits around or above their backyard pool.

This allows the fountain water to spill into the pool without making a mess. It also adds an element of coziness to a pool that may otherwise feel uninviting.

Tabletop Fire Pits

If you love the warmth and coziness of a fire pit, you have a lot of options. One very popular option is a tabletop fire pit.

This is usually a small fire pit that you can display on top of a table. It creates the same kind of ambiance as a candle, only in a greater way.

It is the perfect option for people who may not have the budget for a full fire pit. Or you may not have the room in your backyard to accommodate this feature.

It still adds a great deal to your backyard and adds a cozy element to any backyard gathering or party.

Smokeless Fire Pits

You may enjoy the ambiance of a fire pit but not the unpleasant smell. When it comes to smoke, you either love it or you hate it.

If you tend to hate the smokiness are fire pits, there is an option for you. Smokeless fire pits have double walls and secondary combustion to control the heat.

It burns away wood and charcoal, also eliminating smoke particles. Because of this, the fire pit can operate efficiently without producing a cloud of smoke.

This is a great option if you find that the smoke is irritating to your sinuses. Or you may live in a neighborhood where your neighbors would not appreciate excess smoke.

Cast Iron Fire Pits

If you enjoy the traditional look, you may want something less modern. The good news is that there are fire pits made from cast iron.

These are heavy-duty fire pits that have a more traditional and rustic appearance. They are beautiful and immediately elevate any outdoor space.

These smoke pits also come in a variety of designs from more traditional to more modern looks.

Why Buy a Fire Pit?

If you are on the fence about a fire pit, you shouldn’t be. This is a great investment for any home where you have an adequate backyard.

A fire pit is a perfect centerpiece for arranging backyard furniture. It is also a wonderful feature for family activities outside and parties.

If you live in a climate that gets cold, this is especially cozy. If you ever decide to sell your home, this is also going to be a great selling point.

Fire Pits: Best Options for 2023

Do you want to elevate your backyard? A fire pit is a great way to do this. Fire pits are available in all kinds of styles to fit the style of your home.

This includes options like enclosed fire pits or tabletop fire pits.

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