BMW X1 2022 Price Disclosed on the New BMW X1 Information Website

Consumers who are considering a purchase of the popular BMW X1 2012 can find the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on the new BMW X1 Information website. The suggested retail price can always be negotiated so consumers are advised to use the MSRP as a starting point in the negotiation process and simply drop the number by a few thousand dollars at a time.

The BMW X1 price isn’t as bad as some consumers may believe and with a few good negotiation tactics the price can be lowered significantly. The X1 is the cheapest and smallest SUV that BMW manufactures so the price is already lower that the company’s other cars and SUVs. The vehicle’s optional features can also have a big impact the final price of the X1 as one feature alone may cost a couple thousand dollars.

“I purchased a BMW X1 a few weeks ago and I’m already in with love it. It’s perfect for our family’s needs. We had an Audi A4 3.0L before the BMW and I was a little leery of moving to a 4 cylinder, however, the new 4 cylinder turbo performs extremely well. With the exception of the engine sound, you would think you were running the I6”. – Josh Solis

When it is compared to the BMW X1 2011 the 2012 model is smaller, lighter and much more fuel efficient than most SUVs in its class. It is simply one of the best luxury vehicles on the market. In fact, BMW is leaving nothing to chance when it comes to its line of sport utility vehicles and by adding a fourth line of SUVs the company is indicating that it is confident consumers are still interested in vehicles which can be driven off-road.

One of the best things about the X1 is the interior. The SUV is fully equipped with the most current navigation system that’s available at any price and it comes as standard equipment along with a panoramic sun roof, leather seating treatments, a first class audio system and all of the usual BMW safety features including brake assist and lane departure warnings.


The BMW X1 website is an information resource center for consumers who are performing researching into the popular automobile. The website is updated on a regular schedule with news and helpful and informative articles and guides. Consumers can read reviews and view photographs of BMW’s X1 model.


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