Canadian e-Discovery Consultant Aims to Help You Take Control of Costs

Are you looking to simplify and take control of e-discovery? ESI Specialists Inc. has teamed up with X1 Technologies to provide enterprise wide early case assessment of data to allocate resources, provide first pass review for preservation, enable defensibility in court from the get-go and use to create the written discovery plan of action required by Rule 29.1 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure.

ESI Specialists Inc. is Canadian based and owned, and offers comprehensive litigation support services – from collection and forensics to e-discovery processing and document hosting. The team includes a respected leader and expert from the top litigation boutique firm in Canada and ESI was designed to be able to create time, cost and work efficiencies along the entire litigation process. ESI has also partnered with CT Summation’s Case Vantage to offer collaborative web-based review on Canadian soil in an already familiar interface.

Utilize an experienced non biased consultant to outsource the entire litigation workflow process or portions of the process. ESI offers scalable services using leading edge software ensuring evidentiary regulatory and legislative requirements, and adds effective and efficient best practices for success. Complement your strengths with ESI’s management of electronic evidence. Each of the tools in ESI’s arsenal is designed to save you time, money and increase the chances of your success.

About ESI Specialists Inc.:

ESI Specialists Inc. are a team of e-discovery professionals with years of electronic discovery and litigation support readiness experience. The primary focus of ESI is the customized and unbiased capability of providing client with the optimal advice and/or methodology for pre-discovery, forensic services, litigation support processing, electronic document management and production to meet the demands of a court or regulator.


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