Chemical Hair Relaxer: Good Or Bad?

A recent lawsuit against leading chemical hair relaxers and straighteners brands has raised questions about this product’s safety. The lawsuit claims these products can harm many consumers, especially women with darker skin. If you’re considering using a chemical hair relaxer, here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Chemical Hair Relaxer?

A chemical hair relaxer is a type of hair treatment used to make curly or tightly coiled hair more manageable. A relaxer, essentially a chemical, is applied to the hair in this treatment. The chemical straightens the hair by breaking the disulfide bonds that give curl to the hair. 

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The Possible Risk With Chemical Hair Relaxers

There are several dangers associated with using chemical hair relaxers, including:

  • Hair loss/Thinning
  • Scalp burns/Scalp irritation
  • Respiratory problems

The users should be aware of the possible risks associated with chemical relaxers and immediately take action if they start facing any issues.

Who Is Filing The Chemical Hair Relaxer Lawsuit?

In several cases, women alleged injuries from chemical hair relaxers. They reported reproductive health problems and even uterine cancer. Several lawsuits against the manufacturers of chemical hair relaxers have been filed by various lawyers representing these women. The women filing the chemical hair relaxer lawsuit are celebrities to everyday women who have all claimed to be severely injured by the chemicals in hair relaxers.

Big corporations such as L’Oreal have denied wrongdoing, but many people are skeptical. The chemical relaxer companies are arguing that the women knew the risks of using hair relaxers and they should not be held liable for their injuries. 

What Are The Potential Damages In The Chemical Hair Relaxer Lawsuit?

Chemical hair relaxer lawsuit is different than any other personal injury lawsuit. The potential damages in the chemical hair relaxer lawsuit are varied and still being determined. The plaintiffs are seeking a claim for the following damages:

Compensatory damages: This covers the plaintiff’s expenses for the harm caused by the chemical relaxers.

Punitive damages: This is intended to punish the defendant companies so that such cases are not repeated. 

It is still unclear how much money the plaintiffs will be seeking, but it is likely to be a significant amount. The amount can vary depending on the individual circumstances and the severity of the injury or damages.

Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Chemical Hair Relaxers

Here are a few tips for protecting yourself from the dangers of chemical hair relaxers:

  1. Be informed about the ingredients used in the chemical relaxer. Read the product label for the info.
  2. Never apply chemical relaxers directly to your hair. The chemicals can be potentially dangerous for the scalp. Instead, apply a hair lotion or a cream before the relaxers.
  3. Relaxer on the hair should not be left longer than the prescribed duration.
  4. Chemical relaxers might leave the hair dry, so it’s always advisable to use conditioner after the relaxers.
  5. Children and pregnant women should abstain from the use of chemical relaxers.
  6. Seek the advice of a professional before using a chemical hair relaxer.

Once consumers know the potential risks associated with chemical hair relaxers, they can make a better choice.

Do you need a lawyer for your hair relaxer case?

The answer is yes. 

Apart from the mental anguish, if you have experienced any physical adverse effects from using a hair relaxer, such as scalp irritation, scalp burns, hair loss, or any other issues, you may have the right to pursue a hair relaxer lawsuit. You should also understand that the defendants are multinational companies with access to the best legal team. You don’t stand any chance of winning the case without the help of a qualified product liability lawyer.

Such a case would require a lot of knowledge of product liability law and the applicable regulations. A lawyer who understands the hair relaxer industry can help your case in the following ways.

  1. They can provide invaluable insight into the evidence and research needed to build a strong case. 
  2. They will justify how the chemical relaxer treatment has led to health complications.
  3. A qualified lawyer will help identify the right witnesses and take their recorded statements to gather appropriate evidence.
  4. A lawyer will document the evidence to claim the maximum compensation amount.

Final Words

Hiring a lawyer for your hair relaxer case is the best way to protect your legal rights and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. An experienced product liability lawyer can provide you with the legal support, knowledge, and resources you need to proceed with your case.


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