Everything You Need to Bring on a Ski Trip

The 2021/2022 ski season saw around 61 million visitors. Skiing is an incredibly popular sport and a good ski trip can truly be the holiday of a lifetime.

However, to go skiing and get the most out of it, you want to go prepared. Make sure you have all the right ski accessories and outdoor gear so you can stay safe and have fun. 

Check out everything you need to bring on a ski trip below. 

Goggles and Sunglasses

In terms of ski equipment, you’ll likely already have checked off your helmet and your boots. But many people forget about eye protection. Your eyes are your best asset on a ski trip, whether you’re facing a baby slope or a much bigger one. 

Goggles and sunglasses will not only shield your eyes from the sun. They’ll also prevent serious injury if you happen to fall. 

As snow is very reflective due to its white surface, make sure the sunglasses you buy offer effective shade. Losing your vision even briefly on a slope due to the sun is a scary experience and might result in you getting lost or hurt. Invest in high-quality sunglasses and goggles, or rent them. 

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Clothes for Layering

Jumpers, gloves, socks, leggings, and thermal tights are all important for your ski trip. Layering will allow you to stay warmer for longer, which means more time outside enjoying yourself!

Start with a base layer on your torso. This can be a specialized base layer or something you already own, like a t-shirt or vest. Add warmer layers on top until you feel both warm and cushioned. 

Thermal underwear is also a great addition to the clothing you bring. It can help promote blood flow throughout your body, which will keep you warm and oxygenated even on high slopes. 

Sunscreen and First Aid Kit

You’re much closer to the sun than you might realize on a ski trip. From the tall slopes to the cable cars that take you there, the sun will easily reach your skin. Countries that have successful ski resorts often have little cloud cover for days at a time, which means there’s not much rest from the sun’s light even when the day is cold. 

Sunscreen on your nose and forehead is a very effective way to protect these exposed areas. You’ll need to reapply after every few hours or if you get sweaty.

Your resort will likely have a first aid kit on hand should you need it. However, it’s often a good idea to bring one yourself too. This just means any minor cuts or injuries can be treated quickly. 

Be Prepared for Your Next Ski Trip

A skit trip is always super fun, but it’s even more enjoyable if you come ready for everything. Bring plenty of layers to stay warm and never skip your protective eye gear. 

When you know you’re safe, warm, and protected on the slopes, you’ll have the best ski trip ever!

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