How to Know You’re Ready for Addiction Recovery

Alcohol, opioids, and meth are some of the most addictive substances on the planet, and many people are struggling with them. 

An estimated 21 million people in the United States suffer from addiction problems. Unfortunately, a lot of these addicts aren’t getting help because they fail to find the problem or are afraid of the unknown. Whether you or someone you care about is struggling with substances, it’s important to know the signs. 

Read below to discover if you’re dealing with substance abuse and identify when you need addiction recovery. 

Common Signs of Addiction 

The first part of getting addiction recovery help is finding the problem. 

Addicts can have a difficult time changing their perspectives. What becomes normal for you can be hard to identify as a problem, especially if you view your addiction as a social habit. By reading below, you can discover the most common signs of addiction

Withdrawing from Interests & People 

If you no longer find happiness in something that once brought purpose to your life, you may want to take a look at your habits.

Isolation from people can also be a sign that you’re suffering from an addiction problem. Whether you isolate to prevent people from seeing what you’re doing, or you feel ashamed, you don’t have to battle recovery alone. 

Addiction treatment programs can bring you into a community of support and empathy. Since other people also dealt with addictions and recoveries, they can give insight into what your journey may look like. 

Don’t let a bad habit turn you into someone you can’t recognize. There is plenty of help and people who want to listen to your story. 

Seeking Ways to Get Your Next High

When a substance is always on your mind, it’s never a good thing.

If you are always thinking about your next drink or the next time you can take a drug, a rehab center can help. Therapists can help you evolve your thinking patterns and behaviors with positive self-talk. 

Lying and coming up with excuses can help you identify if you’re struggling with addiction. You can betray the people you love if you only focus on substances.

Your Health Is Declining 

Addiction is a chronic problem, it’s a disease that requires extensive healing and recovery. 

When you become addicted to a substance, your brain chemistry alters and can impact your overall health. Signs of health decline can indicate that your social habits are becoming an issue, but you need to get them treated as quickly as possible.

If you’re struggling to maintain the willpower to stop having another drink, even if your kidneys are damaged, you put your life at risk. Addiction can lead to weight gain, increased anxiety, and acne problems. Talk to your doctor if you start developing health issues that you’ve never suffered from before. 

You Rely on Your Addiction

Some people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee or a cigarette.

Although these addictions aren’t as detrimental to your health as others can be, people still rely on them. If you rely on alcohol, prescription medications, or inhalants, you will need serious intervention. 

The sooner you stop relying on your vices, the sooner you can see your health improve. You should talk to someone if you find yourself going back to the bottle to get “liquid courage.” 

Are You Ready to Heal?

The idea of wanting to quit an addiction is completely different than making it a reality. 

Many people go into addiction rehab programs before they’ve accepted their problems. This can impact the recovery process and lead to increased relapses. There are a few signs that can show you’re ready to heal and move forward in life. 

You Want to Better Yourself

Unless you want to change for the better, you won’t.

Family members and friends work endlessly to care for loved ones with addiction problems. If you’re only going into an addiction treatment program to please someone else, it won’t do you any good. You have to want to change from the inside, this will motivate you on a difficult, but rewarding journey. 

Find resources for recovery here if you want a happy and healthy future.

You Miss Your Friends & Family

Addiction can pull you away from the things that brought joy to your life, without you even realizing it. 

If you’re missing your friends and family, it’s a sign you’re on the path to recovery. Since other people can get hurt from addiction problems, you should only see loved ones with good intentions. 

Be honest with yourself and your friends. If you’re having a bad day, their presence can help. It may also be a good idea to reschedule so you don’t project negative emotions onto anyone else.

You’re Experiencing Guilt & Depression 

When you’re intoxicated, you may go numb or experience positive emotions.

If you’re continuing to take a drug or drink alcohol, even when it gives you no pleasure, you should seek help. This is an early sign of addiction that can be hard to overcome. If you seek help and find a certified rehab therapist, you can better manage these emotions and your habits. 

Guilt and depression can weigh a person down, to where they believe they need their vice to continue. Getting away from old, harmful habits can restore your mental and physical health. 

You Want to Prioritize Your Health

Drugs and alcohol are toxic to the body and organs, they take a toll on mental and physical health. 

At the start of your addiction, you may not have noticed any differences. Over time, many addicts start noticing hair loss, increased blood pressure, and other health issues. Medical bills are expensive, so if you want to improve your health, a treatment program is your best choice. 

Serious health conditions can also stem from addictions. Health and lung disease, along with cancer, can develop if you don’t step away from your vice. 

How to Find Addiction Rehab Programs 

There are a few ways to find an addiction rehab program.

Depending on your preferences and relationships, you can find the best path to recovery and start working toward sobriety. It’s impossible to recover from the environment that led to your addiction problems. The best way to resolve your substance abuse issues is by joining a program to detox and regain control of your habits. 

Ask for Referrals 

One of the best ways to find a reputable rehab program is by asking your doctor.

Your primary care doctor knows your health best and can often see when addiction is occurring. With their connections, you can get referrals for treatments that are covered by your insurance. 

Another way to get referrals is by asking friends and family members. It’s likely that someone you know has dealt with an addiction or knows another person that did. 

Tour Rehab Facilities

If you go to rehab voluntarily, you have the option to select where you want to go.

Some people that get into legal trouble are forced into rehab programs, and they don’t get to select where they go. This can lead to frustration and a sense of losing more control.

Touring rehab facilities in your area, or somewhere you want to discover, can help your journey. If you’re happy and comfortable in your recovery environment, it’ll be easier to concentrate on healing. 

Although this can be intimidating when you’re still struggling with sobriety, it can give you the confidence to make the step. 

Look Online

Reading online reviews and looking at websites can also help you find rehabilitation centers.

The internet is a powerful resource since you can input keywords for a rehab that are specific to your needs. Treatment centers help with various abuse problems, while others specialize in particular ones. 

You can get a good idea of where you’re going before you have to pack your bags or talk to a therapist. Familiarizing yourself with the facility can create positive associations so you aren’t resistant. 

Find an Addiction Recovery Path Built for You

Each person has unique reasons that lead to them relying on a substance, which can make addiction feel lonely. 

If you notice that you’re struggling with addiction, you can look for resources online or talk to your doctor. Many professionals can help you overcome the mental and physical challenges of being a recovering addict. No matter what you’re dealing with, you can turn your addiction around to improve relationships and prepare for the future. 

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