How to Throw an Outdoor Movie Party

Stuck inside during the winter months? Want to avoid cabin fever and get your friends and family outdoors to have fun?

Have an outdoor movie party. It’s something you’ve probably dreamed of doing without knowing it.

You can create so much fun for yourself and others by hosting a night of outdoor movie watching. Your friends and family will thank you for it!

You can keep it simple with just your closest family members or use it as a fun family event to get everyone together. Keep reading to learn about party planning and how to throw an outdoor movie party.

Choosing the Right Movie

Consider the activities you’ve planned as well. If there are going to be activities, like a fire pit or a marshmallow roast, choose a movie that fits the mood. Family friendly films are great for movie nights at home, but for the occasion of an outdoor movie, a movie everyone can enjoy like a classic 80s love story or a comedy will be a better fit.

If you want to play an action movie, but are worried about guest age ranges, try opting for a movie from the Marvel or Star Wars franchises. Consider the weather and look for something that isn’t too long. Keep your guests entertained with a great movie selection.

Essential Equipment for a Movie-Themed Party

Most importantly, you need a projector and an outdoor screen for movies. You also need speakers to ensure the sound is loud enough, portable lighting for people to move around and snacks for everyone to enjoy.

If it is going to be cold out, plan ahead and provide blankets and heaters for guests. Lastly, provide a variety of outdoor games like frisbee and hula hoops to keep the party alive before and after the movie. 

Creative Food & Drink Ideas

When throwing an outdoor movie party, it is important to plan creatively with food and drinks to make the movie experience even more enjoyable. A fun appetizer to serve could be movie themed sliders that feature two different types of gourmet meat with some melted cheese and all the classic condiments.

As for the main course, how about some themed popcorn bars, with different flavors such as cheese, caramel, and chocolate, so your guests can mix and match to their liking.

Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

Firstly, select an appropriate location for the best party and make sure it’s in a space where there won’t be too much light pollution. Secondly, plan some activities for the guests to partake in and create an inviting atmosphere pre-movie.

This could include eating a picnic dinner, playing lawn games, or providing colorful cushions and blankets to lay on. Closer to showtime, take the time to hang white sheets or a projector screen between two chairs, trees or whatever may be most appropriate.

Ensure a Successful Event With Proper Party Planning

Party planning in the backyard or park can be a magical and memorable way to spend a summer evening. With a bit of planning and creativity, even the most inexperienced party planner can create a fun and inviting atmosphere for movie watching and socializing. All that’s left is to start the movie; enjoy it to the last frame. 

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