Mattress Firmness Ratings: How to Find the Best Mattress Comfort

Are you considering a new mattress soon? Good for you.

Figuring out the best firmness to improve your mattress comfort is an important part of the process.

Like most Americans and people around the world, you likely spend about a third of your life sleeping. Hitting the sheets should be something you spend plenty of time thinking about to find the best mattress for you.

Ready to learn a bit more about finding the right firmness levels to suit your frame? Read on to discover about mattress firmness ratings and why they’re so important.

Types of Mattress

The types of mattresses on the market today can be confusing, with various brands and comfort levels. But the most important factor in determining the best mattress for you is mattress firmness ratings that cradle your joints.

A mattress rating of 1 to 10 indicates how firm or soft the mattress is. Generally speaking, a number between 4-7 is considered to be the ideal firmness rating for most people. A lower number indicates a softer mattress, while a higher number denotes a firmer mattress.

Billy Bobs Beds provides customers with a variety of mattress options, along with their firmness ratings. You should consider them. Read below for some of the most common types of mattresses.


Plush or soft mattresses are typically labeled as “soft” or “medium-soft” and offer a softer hug, contour, and cradling. These mattresses are best for side sleepers. These are essential for lighter individuals who need extra cushioning and pressure relief.

Plush mattresses may also benefit people with chronic back pain. They provide support while still being comfortable. It’s important to ensure your mattress has enough support underneath. This is to maintain spinal alignment and prevent aches and pains.


Medium-firmness mattresses provide a great balance between comfort and support. Generally, this type of mattress should lie between the 5-7 range on a firmness scale.

When selecting a medium mattress, think about how much body contour you want from your mattress. You also need to factor in your body weight, body shape, and sleep preferences. A mattress with a medium firmness rating should be suitable for both side sleepers and back sleepers.


Firm mattresses provide extra support. These mattresses are best for people who prefer to sleep on their backs. Firm mattresses can be uncomfortable for some. When choosing a mattress, it’s important to consider your body shape and sleeping position. 


Hybrid mattresses are a popular choice. This combines the comfort of inner springs and the support of memory foam. A hybrid mattress provides comfort and support with a medium firmness rating. This is a great all-around option for those looking for a mattress with a little bit of both. 

Material Composition

There are many materials used in the construction of mattresses. Some of the most popular are foam, springs, cotton, and wool. Foam mattresses, such as memory foam and latex foam, usually provide the firmest feel. Latex and spring mattresses may provide a softer feel.

Cotton and wool can also help give a softer feel, depending on their density. Different materials may offer different amounts of support and firmness, so select a mattress that is tailored to your individual needs.

Mattress Firmness: Look for the Best Mattress

Understanding mattress firmness ratings is key to finding the mattress you’re looking for. Comfort is subjective, so it’s important to research reviews and ratings before selecting a mattress. Once you’ve determined the best fit for you, try out the mattress to ensure it meets your needs. 

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