Popular LMS Features Among Students

With the advent of technology as part of the education industry, LMS or learning management system has become widely used software. Not just schools but educational institutions of all types, be it a university, vocational training center, online learning portal, etc. have adopted the LMS to benefit both teachers and students. 

By now most of us are well versed in what a school LMS is. However, even now students are discovering new features that add practical usability and ease of access. Some of the most popular LMS features among students are listed below.

Calendar configurability

We know that the first step to making the most of our time is to organize our priorities and maintain a schedule. Calendars have been the top tool to do the above, allowing us to chart out our activities by date and even the hour of the day. 

By choosing an LMS tool that includes the calendar configurability feature, you can now stay ahead of the game by fitting in different learning objectives during different times of the day. This means no more panicking about deadlines that you noticed at the last minute and no clashes between your academic and social life. 


While there surely is a small group of students who find keeping up with Coursework easy most of the rest can certainly relate to the fact that school can sometimes get quite boring and burdensome. Some top LMS portals can combat this with their feature of gamification.

Gamification refers to the process of making learning engaging and exciting by incorporating features of a game. This means checkpoints, leaderboards, badges, contests, rewards, power-ups and much more. By keeping the learning process fun through regular incentives students get a lot more work done while also enjoying a fun and competitive environment.

Data migration

Consider this- so you just changed schools in the middle of the academic year. With half your coursework already uploaded in 1 LMS, changing to another can be quite a hassle. This is why many students prefer that their school LMS features data migration so that they don’t have to lose out on the progress they have already made by having to manually fill out each form and upload every document again.


While this might seem like a very obvious addition to the list, most students remain unaware of exactly how important it is that your LMS sends out notifications automatically. As compared to manually checking for updates in the course tabs, notifications provided directly by the LMS have significantly greater popularity among students since they are also used as reminders for unfinished courses and upcoming deadlines. In the hectic schedule of student life, it’s easy to understand why this extra help in the form of friendly reminders is greatly appreciated by learners.


A top concern for any online portal that stores our data is “How safe is it?”. Especially for students who may stay signed in on the portal 24/7, keeping their data and device protected against unauthorized third-party access and malware is of top priority.

Make sure that whatever platform you are active on takes precautionary steps in the form of multi-factor authentication, data encryption, IP blockers, audit reports and more.

Artificial coaches 

If you’re trying out a program or course for the first time, getting your bearings right and making sure you’re on the right track can take some time. Students need constant guidance and may come across several questions, not only about the course work but also about other content that is relevant to making the most of the curriculum. This problem is especially prevalent for those courses which are purely online, as forming a compatible and comfortable relationship with the instructor becomes quite difficult. 

If you’re someone who can visualize yourself in this position, finding an LMS portal that features an AI coach can be the solution. With guidance from AI tools, students also feel more comfortable asking so-called “silly” questions. What’s more, it also gives your teachers time to deal with more serious questions. 

Whatever the reason for using LMS portals, there are surely several benefits to be derived from it. Finding the one that fits your needs perfectly can take some time but your education is your biggest tool for success, so don’t settle for less! 

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