Robotic massage in winter: 4 benefits for body and mind

Now comes one of the best times of the year. It’s the season of holidays, of spending time with loved ones, of giving presents or taking holidays in the mountains. However, winter also has a less pleasant side, but it can be successfully overcome if we pay attention to our body’s basic needs. The cold season comes with many challenges for mental tone and immunity. When temperatures drop noticeably, the body requires a care routine that involves different habits from the rest of the year. Beyond eating a varied diet, exercising or using skin care products, daily robotic massage can work wonders.

Why is massage necessary in winter?

Robotic massage stimulates the body’s ability to cope with temperature fluctuations.

  • Stimulates lymph flow

During the cold season, we prefer to spend more time indoors, which means less physical activity. Sedentary lifestyles can lead, among other things, to problems with lymph flow and lower white blood cell activity. These are what support the body in the fight against seasonal ailments.

  • Eliminates muscle stiffness

When we’re cold, muscles contract to conserve heat. Because of this, blood can’t get into these areas to supply the muscles with oxygen and nutrients absorbed from food. At the same time, it becomes difficult to remove toxins from the blood, which makes local discomfort worse. The best japanese massage chairs performs deep tissue massage up to a depth of 12.5 cm. This relaxes the muscles deeply, allowing blood to circulate freely and preventing stiffness. Also, when the muscles are relaxed, the body will automatically adopt a naturally correct posture, which prevents pain or potential spinal damage.

  • Relaxes joints

In winter, blood vessels constrict due to the cold, which can lead to discomfort or even arthritis. Robotic massage with built-in air cushions and heaters can prevent congestion, increasing the sensation of body heat. Find out more about the benefits of Japanese massage chairs at

  • Balances stress hormone levels

Cold weather, shorter days, prolonged darkness and the habit of spending more time indoors in the heat are all factors that can influence your general mood. Daily massage sessions of at least 15 minutes can balance the body’s stress response, supporting the production of endorphins and serotonin in the body. Thus, symptoms associated with depression are replaced by an overall state of refreshment, which motivates us to successfully overcome the challenges of this sensitive season.

Robotic massage is a fun alternative to keep active when cold weather keeps you indoors. Combine massage programmes with aerobics, stretching, yoga or even meditation. This will motivate you to maintain an enjoyable routine that prevents the consequences of being sedentary. Alternating robotic massage programs is indicated for visible results. So you can create a personalised massage, experiment with shiatsu massage, reflexology massage or activate specific programmes for massaging individual body areas.


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