The Complete Guide to Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette: Everything to Know

There are nearly 4,000 gentlemen’s clubs in the US. If you are about to visit one for the first time, congratulations! Going to your first gentlemen’s club is a rite of passage for many men and women alike.

Yet, before you get too excited, there are some gentlemen’s club etiquette tips you need to know. Adult clubs are not like the movies. You don’t get to treat the dancers however you please, and they won’t become your girlfriend.

It’s crucial to remember that while you may be looking for a good time, dancers are there for work. You should treat them with the same respect you would show to workers in other industries, perhaps even more.

Using the right etiquette with strippers can ensure you’ll have fun—and get invited back for more. What are the top things to remember? We discuss the most important tips for getting the most out of your experience next.

Bring Cash and Card

If you’re new to the game, you may think cash is the only thing you need at the gentleman’s club. But there are adult entertainment credit card processing machines for a reason. The club prefers cards for covers and bar tabs.

Cash is great for tipping dancers and bartenders. But imagine how much cash a strip club handles. Swiping your card when you can is a big help to clubs and their accountants, so do them a favor and bring more than just bills.

Follow Tipping Etiquette

Speaking of tips, there are some rules about tipping at a gentlemen’s club. You should always tip if you’re sitting by dancing stages. If you don’t want to, get up and make room for someone who does.

Paying a cover to enter the club is not inclusive of tips. The same is true of lap dances, stage performances, and private shows. The expectation is for you to pay a percentage of the price quoted to you for each of these privileges.

There Are No Negotiations

Drinks are expensive, and private lap dances and shows are, too. But just because you don’t think the price is worth what you’re getting doesn’t mean you can negotiate. Trying to negotiate is perhaps the biggest no-no in the club.

If you don’t get kicked out for your rude behavior, you certainly won’t get the VIP treatment you want. Imagine how you would feel if someone came into your workplace and wanted to negotiate how much you deserve to get paid!

No Videos or Photos

Gentlemen’s clubs are for your private enjoyment. But we say private for a reason. Keep your enjoyment to yourself, and don’t start snapping photos or videos for your Instagram reel unless you want to get thrown out.

This is not just a violation of etiquette. You can get in legal trouble for recording or taking photos inside a gentleman’s club. In most states, you will end up with a Class A Misdemeanor for the first offense.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Getting handsy with a dancer is one of the easiest ways to get yourself kicked out. Keep your hands to yourself and enjoy the show with your eyes. And while you’re at it, keep your lips and tongues to yourself, too.

If you’re lucky, a dancer may give you permission to touch her. She may allow you to tuck your tip into her underwear if you’re nice. But it is her body and her decision to give you this privilege and not yours to take.

Treat Dancers With Respect

Dancers may look like goddesses on the stage but remember that they are human, just like you. Dancing is their job, so respect it as such. Don’t take phone calls in the middle of a stage show or, god forbid, a private lap dance.

Also, remember to practice etiquette with strippers: they’re not sex workers, nor are they therapists. They don’t want to be your girlfriend or go out with you after they get off. And they definitely do not need you to save them.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Even the most respectful men can lose it after one too many drinks. We want you to enjoy yourself at the gentleman’s club. But you should also know your limit and not push it too far, or else you might end up getting thrown out.

Don’t make a spectacle of yourself, either. The dancers are there to work. And the guests are there to watch the performance. No one wants to watch a guest get too drunk and steal the show.

Enjoy the Show

Following these rules isn’t about killing your enjoyment. These rules keep dancers safe and ensure you get the experience you came for. Your behavior in a gentleman’s club has a direct impact on how much fun you’ll have.

Be nice to the dancers and the staff within the club, and they will be nice to you. When in doubt, always follow the golden rule: do to others as you would want them to do to you.

Have You Learned Gentlemen’s Club Etiquette?

Following these gentlemen’s club etiquette rules and tips are crucial for having a good time. As long as you treat everyone in the club (guests included) with respect, you will enjoy the night and never forget it.

Are you looking for more tips? We post articles like this one every single day. Keep checking back here for more tips for gentlemen’s clubs and more.


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