The Majestic Maine Coon: Facts That You Should Know As A Cat Owner

Are you a cat lover and want to get your new friend at home? Then, this guide is the perfect match. If you are thinking of getting Maine Coon then before going farther, you should know about some essential tips that will make your journey more beautiful. 

You may know that the Maine Coon, a gentle giant with a heart of gold, is sure to captivate any cat lover with its impressive size, luxurious fur, and playful personality, and you are also not an exception. Now, let’s explore some secrets of caring for a Maine Coon, ensuring a happy and fulfilling life for both you and your furry friend.

Do You Know How Big They Are? 

One of the largest breeds of domestic cats is the Maine Coon. However, males reach up to 18 pounds and females around 12 pounds. You can see their growth continue until 3-4 years old.  Their muscular bodies and large paws will make you fall in love with them. Some may think Maine Coon price is connected with their size, but it’s a big NO! Here is not the end. With their larger body and paws, they have larger far too. So you have to take care of it gently to maintain their comfort. 

How To Keep Them Happy? 

Food is the perfect mood changer for everyone, and Maine Coon is not an exception. The big size of the cat demands a high-quality diet rich in protein. Before taking any step, consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations, as they can suggest the perfect diet that will make them healthy and happy. However, you can provide larger kibble sizes and potentially wet food to fuel their playful energy. You should also provide them Provide a spacious litter box for comfortable elimination. Opt for clumping litter to manage odor control; regular scooping is essential. 

To add some fun to their regular life, you can give them a better push. You may know that Maine Coons are intelligent and require mental stimulation.  You should provide them with puzzle feeders, interactive toys, and clicker training to keep their minds and bodies active. Also, plan some outdoor visits to make their mood fresh and fill your weekend with enjoyment. 

How To Take Care Of Them? 

Pet parents are always concerned about their animals and pets. However, every pet needs some primary care to stay healthy and fresh. As Maine Coon has larger furs so you have to add some extra care for them. Don’t worry, it’s not too much extra that you are thinking. To maintain their magnificent coat, set a routine of 2-3 times brushing your furry friend in a week.  Bathing can be done occasionally, but gentle shampoos ensure thorough drying. 

Don’t forget to clean the ear. Use a pet-safe ear cleaner and consult your vet if you notice any redness or irritation. Set regular checkups to give them extra care and a healthy life. You can discuss breed-specific concerns with your veterinarian and ensure they receive necessary vaccinations and parasite prevention.


Maine Coon is one of the popular but rare cat breeds that people want to bring to their homes. Hope you find the guide helpful to make a strong decision. Then what are you thinking about? Bring your furry friend today and create some more “mew” moments. Remember, every pet needs special care. Behave with them gently and understand their needs for better bonding.


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