Things You Just Can’t Skip If You’re Visiting Sri Lanka

Are you planning on spending your Sri Lanka holidays fruitfully?

Here are some remarkable experiences you’ll experience during family tours in Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya rock

In the center of the dry Sri Lankan forest in the Central Province, Sigiriya is a rock outcrop. The ruins of an ancient castle are located on top of the rock. Gardens and ponds across the rock decorate the base, taking tourists to a series of stone stairs that reach a plateau where the paws of a lion open up to another metal staircase to ascend up to the fortress all the way up. Besides, greenhouse projects are also might be catch your eyes. You can visit by following address of greenhouses for sale billboard.

Tea plantations

Tea and Sri Lanka are synonymous. The island’s central highlands are considered the land of tea. With waterfalls and groups of women plucking leaves to be brought to the tea factories at the top of the hills, rolling tea plants are spotted. The easiest way to explore a tea plantation is to stay overnight in one of the Ceylon Tea Trails luxury hotels.

Ayurvedic experience

In Sri Lanka and India, Ayurveda is the natural drug of excellence. The Ayurvedic curing method is all part of aromatherapy, herbal treatments and oil massage. There is an Ayurvedic paradise called Santani in the highlands of Sri Lanka where tourists can have a total body and mind experience. With days full of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic, the Santani Health retreats are happy getaways.

Train rides through the hills

Not only are train trips for commuting. One of those unforgettable trips that travelers will never forget is the train through the Sri Lankan hill country. Via numerous caves, between ancient eucalyptus trees and through the mist, up and down the mountains. When visiting Sri Lanka, the train trip to Nuwara Eliya is one nobody can miss.


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