Unknown to the 4cs of Marketing Mix? Here is an In-Depth Guide!

Customer or consumer satisfaction plays a vital role in the evolution of any marketing strategy. Many of you might have heard of the 4Ps of marketing, but not really about the 4Cs. Bob Lauteron introduced it, and ever since, it has gained popularity in the marketing segment but is unknown to many. So to provide you with the right amount of knowledge, here is an article describing each component of the 4Cs of marketing. If, after reading it, there persists a doubt, seeking marketing assignment help can be the best solution. The experts ensure to guide you on every aspect if you have been assigned an academic task. Nevertheless, if you want to elevate your knowledge regarding the 4 Cs, here is a complete guide.

A Comprehensive Guide on 4Cs of Marketing! 

Here are the four main elements of the marketing mix. Consumer, cost, communication, and convenience form a part of the marketing strategy. It ensures the survival of the business in the long run. 


The sole and heart of the product you are supplying is the consumer. Until and unless you are aware of your target audience and understand their requirements well, there is less possibility of success. You can only analyze and predict what a customer wants by paying close attention and observing their behavior. Several experiments are conducted to understand what consumers want. After good market research and findings, there is the creation of effective plans and strategies to boost sales. Therefore, if a business wants to progress and build its foundation in the long term, it must understand the vital element which is the consumer. Creating a product that does not satisfy consumers will diminish the business’s goodwill. A business or a corporation must ensure the delivery of quality products at a reasonable price. It ensures that a consumer stays and values a firm quality in the long run. 


Communication is the key to business success. Therefore, assignment help ensures the same and listens to your requirements carefully. A corporation or a brand must have the potential to communicate its goals and ambitions to potential customers. Small businesses fail to convey their existence because they have fewer resources and assets. On the other hand, today each large corporation tries to promote its product with the help of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, they adopt digital marketing strategies to reach out to potential customers and clarify customers doubts. Even negative feedback from the customer’s end helps the business know where it is lagging. It helps the business identify its weak areas and work on them constructively.


Cost is something that consumers see first. Every market has varied people and audiences. It is the business’s responsibility to assess how much a customer can afford. 

It should examine whether the price they are setting is nominal and does not harm an individual’s pocketbook.

When it ascertains such aspects, there is a high probability of a business developing a reasonable product. But it must ensure that it does not sacrifice quality. A corporation can reduce the price of a product or service, but it makes no sense unless and until the final user finds it unworthy. What is the point when the product reaches its final destination but is not utilized? Therefore, to reduce the cost, a business must keep a check on manufacturing, transportation, selling, and distribution.


Convenience is the key to success if a business wants to leave its mark in the long run. But what does convenience mean?

It means a customer receives a product or a service without any hassle or disruption. Firstly, it means the product or service must be accessible to everyone and everywhere. A business must ensure that it spreads its wings even to people living outside the metropolitan areas. Second, only cash should not be used as a medium of exchange. It must be flexible enough and accept all modes of payment for example, debit card, credit card, or PayPal. 

Thirdly, there can be locations where a business can not reach out; in such a case, it must ensure that it lives up to the customer’s expectations by delivering the product at the promised date and address. Fourthly, after the order gets placed and delivered, the team should follow up to ascertain whether the customer is happy with the product or not. Now that you know about each component, understand the difference between the 4 Ps and 4 Cs of marketing.

Difference between the 4 Ps and 4 Cs of Marketing Mix

Here is a list of factors that distinguish between the four Ps and four Cs of marketing.

Wants v/s Products

Examining the wants and desires of the customer is the foundation for developing a product. A business cannot think of creating or developing a product until and unless it knows what a customer desires. The process of product development begins after analyzing and understanding what unique aspects a consumer wants and in what range.

Cost v/s Price 

Cost is the expenditure a business makes for the development of products. For example, when talking about a snack outlet, the cost of the burger gets calculated by adding the cost of ingredients needed, rent, transportation, and other variables. On the other hand, the price of a product is the price at which the retail store will sell the burger. In such a case, the selling cost is determined by adding a particular amount of profit into it.

Convenience v/s Place 

Convenience means finding the platforms on which a business can drive sales. It can be any market subset, such as a catalog, phone, internet, or Amazon. It also includes payment modes with which a user is most comfortable. On the other hand, place means a location chosen for manufacturing, retail, or a wholesale store. It can be a warehouse or a factory.

Communication v/s Promotion 

Communication means effectively telling your audience about your business goals and ambitions. It also includes letting the audience know if there is an introduction to something new. On the other hand, promotion plays a significant role in the marketing mix. It means making the potential customer aware of the product via advertising, social media, public relations, emails, and sales.

So this provides a thorough knowledge of the 4Cs of marketing. If you still have issues understanding the concepts from scratch, it is better to seek marketing assignment help. The professionals have years of experience and can help you curate a paper that stands out from fellows. Also, taking assistance from them enables you to understand the core components of the marketing field. It indirectly prepares you to face the real world. So if there arises a problem with your assignments, you do not have to wait for hours to find the personnel. Instead, reaching out to the experts can be the right choice. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions. If you want to start a career in marketing, do not hesitate because help today can help you get started.


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