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What is a CMS – You Need Know

A CMS or content management system CMS (Content Management System) is an application that facilitates the editing and publishing of web content directly from the server. Web sites are formed, among other files, a set of pages written in HTML. If you want to publish content on the web should write this coding it in HTML; so we must learn that language or use a program you provide coding. Furthermore, once the web page, you need to use an FTP application that allows us to “upload” the server where it will be housed (Hosting).

A CMS allows you to edit and publish content without going through the cumbersome process and almost without knowing anything about HTML. This is just one of the many tools that a CMS provides.

In this article we will show the advantages of a CMS with respect to manual editing of web pages.

Imagine that your company or Suvicharin organization is required to publish a lot of content in different sections. You need to gather and coordinate the team for the successful completion of this task. Among the issues to be discussed is necessary to determine how they will link the pages and verify the links work properly. If not taken into consideration the subject, for example, and the team that is writing the content of Section A forgets to include the links to the pages of the B section, nobody could visit them. The CMS allows us to further coordinate and organize information for members of the company or organization to publish content without worrying about this problem.

Organization website

A CMS is prepared to efficiently organize your site content into sections and categories, which facilitates navigation for users and allows you to create a strong, neat and simple structure for administrators. From the administrator panel you can create, edit and delete sections and categories on your site the way that suits you.

Content Publishing

Create and edit unlimited pages from a simple editor that allows text formatting with styles and desired images. The contents are fully editable and modifiable.

Scalability and implementation of new features

A CMS provides the ability to install, uninstall and manage components and modules, value added services to visitors your website, for example image galleries, forums, newsletters, classifieds, etc.

User Management

Allows you to store data and registered users the ability to send mass e-mails to all users. User management is hierarchical, and the different user groups have different levels of authority / permissions in the management and administration of the site.

Design and aesthetics of the site

You can change the entire look of the website and give it another Christmas image. Imagine that wants to change the design to display Christmas decorations or just tired of the “look” of your site and want to give it an “air” more refreshed. In a CMS that is possible because the content is separate from the way it is presented.

Navigation and Menu

When we design a navigation menu and change an option in that menu in a portal is necessary to change all the pages for the changes to be reflected. In a CMS there is this problem with the menus, you can create, modify, or remove an option without problems. You can create a menu and place it in sections and styles you want.

Media Manager

Tool for uploading images and use them throughout the site.

Disposition of editable modules

The position of the modules can be accommodated as preferred.


Dynamic system feedback and surveys results in percentage bars.

News Feed

System RSS news syndication / XMS automatically generated


You can advertise on the site using the Banner Manager

Statistics of visits

Information browser, OS, and details Insuranceparth of documents (pages) most viewed.


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