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Why Use Mobile Apps Over Responsive E-Commerce Websites?

Liferay provides you with a very flexible and robust platform to develop your website quickly and serve it to your potential clients. Its flexibility allows you to provide a holistic web experience for computer users and mobile users as well. Liferay also provides you with all the necessary applications that are required to make your website functional.

It provides your web design company with an easy-to-use framework so that you can add new applications and new frameworks as well. On top of all this, Liferay is an open source technology. It is available to all and can be used by anyone in the field of mobile app development or website development.

Liferay Development Company

Here are some reasons why Liferay development is preferred by a large number of website development companies all over the world. Once you go through these, it will become clear to you.

Single Point of Access into Liferay Development

Utilizing the help of Liferay consulting, you can create comprehensive, speedy and definitive digital experiences for your clients. Through these experiences, you can maintain close contact with your customer base. Customers can stay in touch with you, share their views and get their doubts cleared.

By leveraging the existing features of Liferay development, any web design company can create a robust website suitable for multiple platforms. You can also customize the available features and create websites according to your personal preferences.

Easily Customisable Mobile App Development

Liferay’s available features are easily customizable and are very useful for website design companies. It is a fully developed platform that covers all the basic web application needs. There are also easy to use customization options which you can use. All you need to do is download the software and start working on it. Using the dynamic features, you can design and most beautiful and functional websites that will surely get your clients’ admiration. You can also use these features for Android app development.

Cost-Effective Liferay Migration

The community edition of the Liferay platform is open-source software. It can be downloaded free of cost by any Liferay development company. There also exists a business-friendly commercial license version of Liferay that is available with Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription. It does not bind your business to any particular section of available technology.

It comes with additional tools and themes at no additional cost. This will take care of all your website development and design needs including web publishing, social media publishing, collaboration, and administration. This makes Liferay a very cost-effective and useful tool to have in the arsenal.


Liferay offers stringent security measures to all businesses and is thus used by global companies as well. It makes use of the industry-standard encryption technology which ensures data security. Liferay also follows the OWASP Top 10 list to ensure the safety of the platform and protection against attacks.

Liferay is extremely developer-friendly and affords its users the added advantage of modularity. If you are looking to make forays into website development, Liferay is the perfect choice for you.


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