A Guide to the Best Containers for Transporting Flowers

Are you trying to find the safest way to transport or deliver flowers? Perhaps you want to improve the way you move them? If so, we have what you’re looking for!

You might want to consider containers for transporting flowers. This way, you can keep them intact and hydrated throughout the trip. But what containers should you use?

Here’s a guide on the best containers for delivering flowers!

Containers for Transporting Flowers

When choosing a container for flower delivery, you want to be sure it’s sturdy enough to withstand flower weight and travel distance. You can use different materials, but the following are some you can choose from:

Shallow or Narrow Boxes

The cheapest and most common flower packaging is a shallow or narrow box, usually in a size that fits the arrangement perfectly. Most florists use this for bouquets or individual flower pieces.

If you use this box, check its thickness to ensure it won’t get crumpled, even if other items go on top.

Cut-Out Boxes

Some stores offer cut-out boxes made for flower arrangements. You can find options that allow the flowers to lay down or stand during travel.

For some containers, you can add a vase inside the flower delivery box before securing it. And so, it lets you protect the flowers while keeping them in good condition.

Buckets or Bins

If you’re transporting live flowers, you want to keep them hydrated as long as possible. One way around that is by using buckets or bins to store them.

It can be plastic or metal, depending on what’s sturdier upon testing. Note that it’s vital to be sure the container won’t tip over, so pick a bucket or bin with a good hold or a wide enough surface.

Transport-Friendly Vases

You can find transport-friendly vases made from plastic materials. These mainly allow you to tip over the flowers during delivery without worrying about messing up the arrangement or leaking water.

Flower Delivery Packaging Tips

Even when you use the best containers for flower delivery, it’s essential to protect them from other external factors. Consider these tips if you want to keep them from arriving wilted or damaged:

Keep Live Flowers Hydrated

Store the flowers in a container that can hold water. You don’t have to fill it up completely, but it’s good to give the flowers enough water to last the travel.

Note that the distance and time it takes to deliver the flowers determine how much water you should put in. So, if the drop-off point is nearby, you can consider transporting them without water.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Too much sun can cause live flowers to wilt, even in a container full of water. Consider limiting their sun exposure during delivery to keep them from suddenly drying out.

Ensure Container Security

Your container should be sturdy enough to keep the flowers in place. Besides the thickness, consider the material you choose. You can also do a quick test run with each container.

Place on a Flat Surface

Make sure to put the flowers on a flat surface. Doing so lets it stay in place and assures you that it won’t get damaged even with all the movement.

Find the Ideal Containers for Transporting Flowers Today

There are several types of containers for transporting flowers in the market. The best ones depend on what you need. But remember, your goal is to keep them protected and intact.

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