3 Common Storage Mistakes for Moves and How to Avoid Them

Moving is such a stressful event that it ranks as high as going through a divorce. One of the biggest worries most movers have is the storage process of their life’s belongings. 

It’s good to know the most common storage mistakes for moves so you don’t fall into that same trap. It’ll be a significant weight off your shoulders to know that your most precious things are safe. 

Keep reading to learn what you’ll want to avoid doing during your big move!

1. No Environmental Control

Nothing feels worse than opening a storage unit only to find evidence of water damage. Maybe something melted in the summer heat or cracked in half in the depths of winter. Sometimes you might even find mold covering your favorite items. 

This is why the key to storing personal items is to get a storage unit with temperature and weather control. 

When choosing a storage unit, make sure to look for full-service storage services. Pick a company that treats each box with the utmost care.

These are the places that’ll keep every single item in pristine condition no matter what happens. 

2. Poor Unit Organization

Have you given any thought to how you’ll organize the inside of the unit? Packing for moves is only half the battle. The way you store those boxes once they’re packed is an important step to keep your belongings protected. 

Plan the layout beforehand to make the process seamless. Make a copy of this layout so that you won’t forget where you put something. 

Keep common items within easy reach at the front so that you can grab them at any time without needing to dig. This way, you won’t disturb the rest of the boxes. 

Don’t forget to think about the storage unit size as well. Trying to cram everything into a unit that’s too small is a surefire way to ruin something you love. 

3. Unclear Labeling

The secret to good organization is to have a clear and legible labeling system. This is a foolproof way to never place a fragile box underneath something heavy. It’ll keep your sentimental keepsakes or family heirlooms from preventable damage. 

Your labels for boxes should have more written on them than the intended room in your new home. Write down the type of items inside as well as anything that needs extra care. Keep a list of each box so that you have an easy overview of what’s inside the storage unit. 

This stops accidental damage and it also makes unpacking feel like a walk in the park!

Avoid These Storage Mistakes for Moves to Prevent Extra Stress

Moving will always involve a certain amount of stress. The good news is that by following this list, you’ll avoid the most common storage mistakes for moves. That means you’ll have less to worry about during this anxious time in your life. 

These tips make the moving and storage process less of a headache. Use them to bring down stress levels for everyone in your family! 

Make sure to check out the rest of our blog for even more tips on how to make your move as painless as possible!


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