Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Firewall

Every person and company has some private and confidential information hidden away behind the lock. It can be anything from personal details to financial situations and research and projects in the case of a company. For that, they take several security measures like stronger and multiple passwords, antiviruses, and firewalls. All this is to improve defenses and prevent hackers from gaining access to the system.

The major reason for this is the increase in cyber threats. It is happening more than ever, and many viruses, malware, and malicious attacks target people and companies every day. However, steps are being taken by several ISPs as well to improve network security and offer some level of protection. 

A big name in such efforts is AT&T, with its ActiveArmor security. It is a robust defense mechanism that protects against online threats and keeps your computer safe. Available with AT&T internet, you can view its plans and pricing by clicking on this link:

Still, no amount of security is enough when it comes to protecting your computer, which is why you should add as many layers as you can. This is where a firewall comes in. An internet firewall is like a security guard that prevents unknown access to your device.  

Advantages of Firewall

Other than being a strong defensive layer, a firewall has several benefits. With that being said, here are a few benefits.

Improves Privacy and Security

Internet firewall protects your computer and secures your online and offline presence. Moreover, it prevents unauthorized access from accessing your system and keeps your data safe and secure.

Monitors Online Traffic

A firewall constantly monitors the data traveling in and out of your system. It has quick response times and can handle larger traffic. However, it has predetermined rules and regulations which you can edit based on your usage and needs. In the case of a company, a well-trained staff can efficiently manage your internet firewall security to keep the defenses at maximum.

Protects From Viruses

Viruses are very dangerous for your system as they can damage the whole system and shut down digital operations. Moreover, with time, new and more dangerous viruses are surfacing, which makes it important to keep your guard up. Yet, firewall security can update its security protocols, making it hard for hackers to break into the system. Also, it prevents them almost entirely and serves as a strong defensive barrier.

Disadvantages of Firewall

Even with all the amazing benefits that it offers, a firewall also has a few loopholes. Some of the drawbacks of internet firewalls are as follows.

Restricts Access

Although an internet firewall secures a system, it may restrict some functionality. As a result, it may be good for an individual user but not for an organization. It may block access which in turn will decrease productivity. To overcome it, employees may have to use shortcuts which can risk security.

Not Completely Immune

It is a fact that a firewall protects the system from viruses and malware, but it is not invulnerable to them. Some sophisticated malware may be able to bypass the firewall and enter the system as trusted data. However, it is counter-able with more powerful and robust anti-malware solutions.  

Effects Performance 

The computer’s overall performance depends on RAM and since software firewalls run in the background to protect the system, it eventually affects performance. It keeps drawing power from the system or RAM to actively monitor and safeguard security. As a result, it impacts the overall performance of the system. On the other hand, hardware firewalls are system independent. It means they do not use computer power or devices, which saves power and the computer performance remains unaffected. 


Internet firewalls serve as a great line of defense against malicious online activities. However, no amount of security is enough, and it is better to add as many defenses as possible, starting with a secure connection. For that, AT&T is your best bet. Its ActiveArmor security is one of the best in the market for good reasons. To get more information on the security features and internet packages it comes with, contact AT&T customer service. It will help you understand the essential security features and guide you in making an informed decision.


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