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We can not talk of Rome , not to mention its football club, the Association Sportiva Roma, a prestigious club in the Italian league, which throughout its history has had very illustrious players for football, both Italian and globally, and is that one of its greatest players Francesco Totti, a player out of the quarry, and at age 36, is captain of the club and one of the top scorers, both of Rome, and the Italian league, and how good goals left to see the fans.

Another of its stars is a 20-year Argentine forward Erik Lamella, and for many is the great substitute for Tote, as it has very similar characteristics, and that make comparing these players, probably in the not too distant Erik can see the captaincy as it has qualities as to realize that post as well as being one of the club banner.

According to Lucky Cola, other important aspects of the club you is their coach, who is the architect of the machinery work and that players show what they have learned in the field during practice, which seek to take the team to glory, the current coach is Zdenek Zeman, which is not the first time that trains the club, and who was also from 1997 to 1999, years after which left the club in the hands of Fabio Capello, coach who made a big campaign to fret club, Zener, take the team after the Spanish season, Luis Enrique, who did not quite jell.

As for the trophies of Rome , saying that since season 2007-08 get none, the latter being the Italian Cup, which has won numerous times, the first in the season 1963-1964. Another toreros that has won the Scudetto is the (Italian League) that season since 2000-01 fails to win, and is much sequel competitiveness that exists in this league, with teams like Inter Milan or Lazio Milan itself, along with the national trophy, also include the achievement of the Italian Super Cup twice, 2001 and 2007.

In terms of international trophies, the honors is somewhat lower, highlighting the achievement of a runner in the Champions League this season 183-84, something very few clubs can say, and a UEFA Cup in season from 1990 to 1991.

A club steeped in history, and it has more and more fans, that’s why it’s worth seeing some of the matches of this team, and that is always kept up the table and offers plenty when faced especially teams in the top of the table, that is why it so those games are considered big show, where we can see great players.


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