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5 Common Errors with Picking Apartments and How to Avoid Them

Finding an apartment that works for you and your family isn’t an easy task. When you do find a great place, make sure that the lease process is smooth and easy. Otherwise, you may make a common error that costs you thousands of dollars, a portion of your security deposit, or months of your time in the court system.

Read on to learn about the common errors with picking apartments, as well as what to do if you find yourself in a sticky lease situation.

1. Spending More Than Your Allocated Budget

Common errors made when picking apartments involve spending more than what was allocated or not comparing apartment costs. One of the best ways to avoid these errors is to set up a budget in advance. 

Research the area and the apartment complex to understand the exact costs you will be expected to pay. Always read the lease and ask questions before signing it so that you are aware of what is included in your rental rate.

2. Not Knowing Which Amenities Are Useful to You

Not knowing essential apartment amenities is one of the most common mistakes when picking an apartment. To avoid this mistake, you should first make a list of what amenities are essential to your comfort, lifestyle, and safety.

Most rentals have their website and list their available amenities. An example is Anya Luxury West Palm apartments; they have a dedicated amenities page that you can check.

3. Not Taking Pest Control Precautions

Not taking pest control precautions is one of the most common errors when picking out an apartment. This error can cost tenants time, money, and hassle.

Before signing the lease, it is important to inspect the property carefully for any signs of pests, such as droppings, discarded skins, or unusual smells. If any of these signs are noticed, tenants should discuss them with the property manager or real estate agent and request inspection and treatment. 

4. Not Scouting Out the Work Commute Route

A common mistake many tenants make is not scouting out the work commute route before signing their lease. This mistake can later lead to major problems. An ideal apartment may turn out to be worse than expected once a person starts commuting to work.

The best way to avoid this kind of mistake is to simply put in the effort beforehand and drive to and from the apartment to work during rush hour traffic. This will give a tenant a more accurate understanding of how long the commute will be.

5. Not Documenting the Apartment’s Condition Before Moving In

One common error people make when renting or buying an apartment is not properly documenting the condition of the property before moving in. This often results in disagreements between tenants and landlords when it comes to the condition of the unit and its fixtures upon moving out.

In order to avoid this, potential tenants should take the time to thoroughly document and survey the condition of the apartment and all its fixtures before signing the lease. The tenant should take photographs and notes of any pre-existing damage and review this with the landlord before moving. 

Avoid These Common Errors With Picking Apartments

When looking for an apartment, do your diligence and research thoroughly. Check reviews, reach out to past tenants, visit the neighborhood, and compare prices.

By doing your research, you’ll be less likely to experience the common errors with picking apartments; too good-to-be-true discounts, too small of a unit, or extra costs. Good luck with your search!

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