How to Get a CDL License

The number of truck drivers will continue to grow in the coming decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To drive many commercial trucks, you need a commercial driver’s license. Incentives and bonuses can earn you a six-figure salary for some CDL jobs.

Earning your CDL includes getting your CDL permit. You must also go to CDL training and then pass an exam. Upon getting through these CDL requirements, you will be well on your way to earning money in the industry.

Here’s more on how to get a CDL license.


Before CDL training, one of the first CDL requirements is you must get a permit. This paperwork allows you to begin practicing driving. 

Often, a CDL training school will help you get your CDL permit. Some schools may require a permit as part of your training. 


Get yourself enrolled in a CDL certification or training program. You will learn CDL certification from professional instructors and how to drive a truck.

ELDT, or entry-level driver’s training, is a requirement for those wanting to get their CDL. 

The program will discuss which class of CDL certification you will receive (either A or B). 

Check out to do the work from home rather than enroll in a local program. It’s approved in all 50 states. The online course gives your CDL requirements and prepares you for CDL jobs.


The next step in how to get a CDL license is to take the exam. 

The exam tests everything you have learned during the CDL program and in the manual. 

Part of the exam also includes a vehicle inspection and driver’s test on the roadway. 


Prepare the proper paperwork to get your CDL. The steps vary from state to state, but a few things are standard across the industry.

You will need your program completion certificate and non-commercial driver’s license. Other paperwork you will need includes a social security card (number), passport, and/or birth certificate.

Physical Exam

You must get a physical exam from a physician before you get your CDL. This also includes a drug test. A physical exam is a federal requirement.

Disclose any medications you are taking and discuss any conditions you may have with your doctor.


Begin applying for jobs and prepare for the interview. 

During the job interview, you will be asked a series of questions about your employment history and training. 

This is your chance to ask about benefits, time off, and how many days a week you plan to be on the road. 

How to Get a CDL License

How to get a CDL license includes getting a permit, enrolling in a program, and taking an exam. You must also gather the proper paperwork and take a physical exam. Once you interview with an employer, you’re on your way to getting a CDL job!

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