How to Help Someone Through Life’s Toughest Moments

When someone we care about is going through a highly challenging moment, we do our best to support them in action and spirit. We sent a basket of care to a relative recovering from surgery. We leave a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter for a grieving friend.

But how is your life not getting baked or delivered? Read on for tips to help someone.

Offering Emotional Support

It is important to empathize with their feelings, recognize that their emotions are valid, and be there to listen to them. It is essential to be patient and supportive and not try to immediately solve the problem or reduce their feeling by invalidating them.

Being anxious, scared, or overwhelmed during difficult situations is normal, but they are not alone. Please encourage them to express their feelings, as this can be therapeutic and give a sense of relief. Ensure the person knows you care and will be there for them no matter what happens.

Providing Practical Assistance

This can take the shape of providing everyday things. Take time out of your day to do an activity with them or offer financial help. Simple items could involve offering to do their grocery shopping, walking their dog, or doing laundry.

If you have the time, going to the park or lunch can be good ways to have quality time together. For some, financial aid in the form of a loan or gift can be immensely helpful in getting them through a tough economic time.

It is always important to check in with your friend. The help you give is welcome, as this can vary from person to person.

Creating a Safe Space to Talk

It is important to be receptive and non-judgmental when someone reaches out. Situations can range from needing a listening ear or vice versa. It is essential to actively listen to allow the individual to express their feelings without fear of being judged.

Doing so can make all the difference for the individual. While must to respect the individual’s autonomy, giving aid and removing any potential barriers to talking, such as noise or social isolation.

Let them know they can reach out to you whenever they need to talk—lastly, understand the individual’s boundaries and respect them. Reassure them of your presence and allow them to make decisions and choices about how they discuss their situation.

Being Present

This can be done through active listening – actively listening to what the other person is experiencing and feeling while they’re asking. Spend time with the person, ask questions, and try to understand them and what they’re going through.

Try to be there with them, without judgments or expectations, but with a sense of support, empathy, and unconditional acceptance. Show your presence in tangible ways, like making dinner or bringing them coffee.

When someone is in tough times, encourage them to stay strong. If you are looking for some tips on how to help them recover, learn more here.

Making an Effort to Help Someone

When trying to help someone through their most challenging moments, they must make an effort to show that they care. Offer to help practically, such as errands or babysitting if needed. Finally, remember to practice self-care and take breaks when needed.

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