Party Planning: The Best Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Adults

Did you know that two in three people say they’d appreciate having someone throw them a surprise birthday party? And most would love nothing more than a chocolate cake with their “Happy Birthday” tribute song. 

Respondents to a YouGov poll say they spend their special day thanking God for another milestone, spending time with loved ones, and opening gifts and cards. But what other things can you do to make the special occasion?

Do you want to learn about some birthday options that are worth considering?

Keep reading for a look at birthday party theme ideas for adults.

Backyard Movie Party

Do you enjoy watching movies? It’s easy to get your fix if you have one or more streaming services. If you’re into Star Trek, invite friends over to share a meal, eat cake, and enjoy a film-watching marathon.

You’ll need Mother Nature to cooperate with you if you plan to watch movies outside. If the weather’s nice, have a barbecue and play some music outdoors.

For the movie portion of the party, set up a screen and a projector. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a screen. You can suspend a white sheet instead. People can sit on chairs or sheets spread out on the grass.

Ensure there’s plenty of popcorn and beverages, and then enjoy the movie. It can be a great way to celebrate your birthday.

Escape Room Party

Another great option for adult parties is an escape room. It’s the sort of experience no one who participates will ever forget.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what a game room is, it’s a literal room where people are locked inside voluntarily to participate in a game involving teamwork.

The goal is for people to work together to solve a puzzle or complete a game within a certain amount of time.

One premier escape room company offers options like Mountain Top Murders. The scenario requires participants to uncover the truth about what happened to a grandma who met a tragic end in an isolated mountain cabin.

This escape room activity requires some scavenger hunting – and the company says the completion rate for this escape room is 41%. That means only four of 10 groups that take up the challenge actually complete it successfully.

Do you and your friends have what it takes to complete this or other escape rooms? If so, put your money where your mouth is. Click for escape rooms.

Pool Party

Did you know that swimming can lengthen your life by reducing the risks of getting a stroke or heart disease? Swimming can also increase your brain power, strengthen your lungs, help you get a better night’s sleep, and more.

Considering the health benefits, you might want to plan a pool party for your next birthday. It’ll help you burn off the calories as you indulge in birthday cake and other tasty treats.

Whether you have a pool on your property or know someone who owns one, consider planning a party that involves a swimming pool. It can be a treat to listen to music, eat good food, and splish and splash in the water.

You can play water basketball, water volleyball, and many other activities. 

Pizza Party

You’re never too old for a pizza party. So, if you’re pondering event ideas, consider planning a pizza party for your birthday. 

Do you like to make your own pizza or do you want guests to make their own? Prepare the pizza dough ahead of time and get the ingredients needed. Your guests might enjoy making the pizza that they’ll later devour.

If you’d rather not have to get your hands dirty, order to pizzas and have them delivered. Enjoy some pizza with good company on your special day.

Retro Party

When considering party themes, you should consider a retro party. Plan a party where everyone dresses in clothing from another era.

Were you a child of the 80s? If so, have a retro dress code. People can wear their retro shirts, jeans, dresses, hats, tee shirts, and more. Play music from the 80s and watch sitcoms from that time period as well.

If you have the space, get up and dance. You’ll all get to dance the night away with the right playlist of songs.

Wine Tasting Party

Another party planning idea is to have a wine tasting theme. You can get a few bottles of premium wine and treat your guests to a nice evening. The good news is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get quality wine.

You might want to pair the wine with some premium cheeses or just serve a meal that goes with whatever wines will be served. Ensure you have enough wine glasses so everyone can get into the spirit of a wine tasting.

Gaming Party

Another great idea is a gaming party. It can be done virtually or in person.

If you and your friends like to play multiplayer games, it might make more sense to do it virtually. Choose the game, organize the time, and may the best person win.

You can meet up online and spend the evening enjoying some of your favorite games. If you do it in person, you can enjoy music, pizza, cake, beverages, and gaming.

Consider These Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Adults

Planning a birthday party doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s even easier if you have some good ideas to mull over.

Consider the above mentioned birthday party theme ideas for adults the next time you plan your birthday or a surprise party for someone else.

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