Who Is Tammi Menendez: Family, Career, Net Worth, And Fun Facts

Tammi Menendez was born in 1960. She is a beautiful and famous business owner and author. She got a lot of attention in the news when she married Erik Menendez, who was in prison for life for killing his parents and brother in 1996. In 1999, the couple got married at Folsom State Prison. They said their vows in the receiving room and had Twinkies for their wedding cake. Menendez is thought to have a net worth of about $14 million. 

You now must know that this woman’s journey has been filled with many highs and lows. Now we will read Menendez’s short wiki. Let’s get started.

Name Tammi Menendez
Date of birth 1960 (Date is not available)
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 60 Kg
Birthplace  Hibbing, Minnesota, America
Nationality  American
Religion  Christianity
Ethnicity  White
Zodiac Sign  Aries
Relationship status  Married
Children  One Daughter
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Profession Businesswoman
Siblings Lyle Menendez
Book name They Said We’d Never Make It.
Publishing date October 2005
Net worth $1.3 million

Do You Know How To Meet Erik and Tammi?

Tammi watched Erik and Lyle‘s first trial on TV and started writing to Erik during their second trial.

Erik Menendez and Lyle Menendez on Trial

“Emotionally, I couldn’t comprehend what he was going through, but I wanted him to have faith that there were people who understood what a dreadful situation he was going through,” she wrote in her book. Yes, he and Lyle had done something terrible, and they would be punished for it. But even people who didn’t pay much attention to the trial could tell how bad the domestic violence and chaos were at the Menendez home.

In July 1997, the pair stopped writing letters and started talking on the phone.

On her first visit in person, she said she felt “no emotional fireworks, no mad love at first observation, and no sexual feelings.”

She said that their second meeting was “romantic” because they pretended to eat filet mignon as gifts from a vending machine.

She relocated from Minnesota to California to be near Erik after they confessed their love to one another.

Tammi Menendez Family Details:

Tammi is happy to have only one child. She has a daughter named Talia from her first marriage to Saccoman. When she chose to marry Erik, her daughter was nine months old. Talia and her dad, whom she calls “Earth Dad,” are very close. What is Tammy Menendez doing right now? She spends all of her time taking care of her kid and family. Every weekend, Tammy and Erik Menendez’s daughter travel 150 miles to see Erik. 

Tammi Menendez’s Personal Life And Professional Career:

Tammi Menendez is married to Erik Menendez, which is a well-known fact about her personal life. Tammy Menendez was married to Chuck Saccoman before she married Erick.

During that time, he has done well as a real estate developer. They had a girl together, who now lives in Minnesota. She chose to marry Erik after she fell in love with him. When Tami was 37, and Erik was 28, they got married.

After that, her first husband tried to kill himself, and after she married Erik, he was found guilty of killing his parents with his brother and given a life sentence without the chance of release. Even though there were many problems, the pair married in the dining room of Folsom State Prison in 1999.

Well, we don’t know much about what she does for a living, but we do know that she is a well-educated woman. In addition to the fact that she is a very successful businessman, not much is known about what she does for a living.

Tammi hasn’t told us anything about her job, so we can assume she is a highly successful entrepreneur. She also wrote a book with Erik Menéndez called They Said We’d Never Make It: My Life with Erik Menendez. The year 2005 is when the book came out. The two people are still married.

How Much Tammi Menendez Net Worth?

Tammi is a successful author and business owner. She has made a lot of money during her work. It is thought that she is worth about $1.3 million.

Jose, who was Erik’s father, had an estimated worth of $14 million before he was killed by his boys. Both of them were set to receive his property. During their time in jail, though, the money that was spent on court cases, prison costs, and other costs has been wasted.

She doesn’t say where Tammy Menendez gets her money from or how much she makes. She doesn’t say exactly how much money she makes each month. Tammi was a successful businessman and author of a book that could help her make money before she married Erik.

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Tammi Menendez Interesting facts:

  • She’s been with a murder suspect for 25 years, and they’re still together.
  • Erik Menendez met her a year after he was found guilty and given a life term without the chance of release.
  • Tammi Menendez was once married to Chuck Saccoman, and their daughter, Talia, was named after him.  
  • Erik Menendez is now Talia’s real father, and she is in charge of his social media sites. 
  • Chuck Saccoman, Tammi’s first husband, killed himself. 
  • After Lyle and Erik Menendez’s first TV show together, she started writing letters to him while he was in jail. 
  • Tammi Menendez got married to Erik Menendez a year after he was found guilty and sent to jail. Their wedding was in Folsom State Prison’s dining room, and their wedding cake was a Twinkie. 
  • She also wrote a book about her relationship with Erik Menendez called They Said We’d Never Make It. It came out in 2005. 
  • Erik’s love for her is something she has always wanted.


Tammi Menendez has not said where she gets her money, how much it is worth, or where it comes from. Tammi Menendez doesn’t give any true information about how much she makes each month. Tammi, on the other hand, was an entrepreneur who was wealthy before she married Erik. She had also written a book that she could sell to make money.

Tammi told the People magazine in 2005 that she wasn’t sure if Erik would answer her, but he did, and that was the start of their romance. They didn’t meet until 1997, when she went to Folsom, California, to see him in jail. Even though they have been in court for almost two years, and life has changed and gone up and down, their marriage is still strong.

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