Ten Baby Shower Gifts That Moms Will Love in 2023

Did you know that it is estimated that there are over 385,000 babies born every single day around the world?

Do you have a mom-to-be in your life?

If so, then it is time to start thinking about gifts for baby showers with that coming up! There are so many baby shower gifts that you can get that your mom-to-be will absolutely love!

Ready for 10 great ideas? Keep reading to have the best gift at the baby shower!

1. Baby Changing Pad

If you want to go for a useful baby shower gift, then a baby changing pad is definitely one fo your best options.

As a new mom, this gift will be used over and over again! Whether she needs to do a quick diaper change at the park or is carrying it around to travel during the holidays, this is a must.

Make sure that you look for the cute ones and get one that is the right size – not too big that it won’t fit in a bag, but not too small either!

2. Swaddle Blanket

In the early months of being a new mom, she’s going to want to make sure the baby is wrapped up securely and happily in a swaddle blanket. 

When the new baby isn’t wrapped up on the blanket, this can be used as a blanket to lay down for tummy time or even as burp rags.

Don’t stop at getting just one – you can get a few of these in a variety of designs and colors for a cute gift!

3. Nursing Pillow

If you want to make mom’s life a bit easier after she has her newborn baby, then a nursing pillow is a great option. It allows breastfeeding to be a bit more comfortable wherever she decides to nurse.

It is also soft and lightweight so it can go just about anywhere with mom!

4. Cozy Baby Booties

If you want to get a baby shower gift that is practical but more so for the baby than the mom, then you could look into getting cute and cozy baby booties.

Even if it isn’t cold where the new mom-to-be is going to be living, the baby will thrive in cozy baby booties in its first few months.

You can check out Kinderkleding Verkoop for a great selection of baby booties.

5. Baby Diaper Caddy

If the mom-to-be is a neat freak and loves organization, then you should definitely consider getting her a baby diaper caddy. This is the perfect gift that keeps everything in one place – from diapers to hand sanitizer, changing pads, and wipes. 

You can also add whatever else you want to this gift. You could even consider giving this gift full of other gifts in all of the pockets, nooks, and crannies!

You’ll definitely want to add diapers to the diaper caddy when you give it as a gift as mom will definitely need an endless supply of these for the next few years!

6. Monthly Milestone Blanket

If you have a baby shower for a mom-to-be who absolutely loves taking photos and keeping memories for her entire life, then you are going to want to get her a monthly milestone blanket to track the progress of her baby as it gets older!

She will treasure this gift, these photos, and these memories for a lifetime. 

There are so many different options out there, that you could spend days looking to get this gift right!

7. Pregnancy Memory Book

Having a memory book is a must when you are a mom, so if you are looking for gifts for new moms, this is one of the best options out there!

Keeping a pregnancy journal is a great way to remember the journey and the 9 months leading up to the precious cargo being on this earth.

8. Activity Playmats

When you are looking for gifts for a baby shower, it can be easy to streamline to the “needs” and not the wants. But it can always be a bit more fun to go with things that are not necessary but would add to baby and mommy’s lives! 

One of these gifts is an activity playmat. They are great for tummy time but are more interactive for babies to feel around and play with. They come in different styles and “activities” so make sure to browse for a cute one!

9. Baby Gym

Have you ever heard of a baby gym?!

It’s probably not what you are thinking. A baby gym is a perfect gift if you are looking for items for the baby to stay busy and active rather than for what the mom needs.

A baby gym is an item that you can place on a blanket in the living room that they can look up at and play with the things hanging down.

10. Baby Bath Support

It’s not easy to give babies baths because they are so little and helpless in the water. That is why getting a baby bath support can make it much easier for parents when they are bathing their newborns!

A bath support allows for great support but also lets the water runoff back into the bath so it doesn’t pool up on the baby.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts

There are so many options to get a mom-to-be as baby shower gifts. From diaper bags to playsets to diapers in general, the options are endless.

But with this list, you’ll have some of the best ideas at the shower.

Did you enjoy this list of tips? Be sure to check out others like this on our blog!


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