What Is the Hilton Vacation Club?

If you’re looking for an investment that comes with value, you should consider joining the Hilton Vacation Club.

The Vacation Club consists of more than 150 resorts around the world, often in the most desirable locations. You can vacation with your friends and family and discover new destinations around the globe. This club is different from others since members have more options. 

Read below if you want to learn more about Hilton Grand Vacations, so you can relax in a luxurious location! 

What Is the Hilton Vacation Club? 

The Hilton Vacation Club consists of members that pay dues to visit Hilton properties around the globe. 

This is a timeshare where members accumulate points to pay for their vacations. Instead of sticking the entire family in a hotel room, you can save money and invest in these resorts. When you reserve your time at the resort, you’ll gain access to many amenities. 

Many members recommend this club versus others since the points will always roll over into the next year. Hilton Vacation Club offers more flexibility for guests to ensure that each trip is enjoyable. 

When you buy a timeshare through the Hilton Vacation Club, you aren’t stuck with one property or location. You can visit different places, depending on how many points you have. 

Vacation Club Amenities

Once you reserve a place and get checked in, you’ll gain access to a few things. 

Aside from the laundry facilities, dining, and exercise rooms, there are other amenities to enjoy. Hilton Vacation Club members can access some of the best on-site spas around the globe. You’ll finally feel refreshed, rather than exhausted when you get home from these trips. 

Shuttle buses and transportation services also come included with your stay at most places. When you decide where you want to go, talk to a representative to learn about the unique amenities they have. 

Popular Club Locations 

Whether you’re in the United States, Japan, or the UK, you can find somewhere to stay with your points.

Hilton Vacation Club has a variety of resorts in Hawaii, Florida, and South Carolina. You can even find places to stay in Utah, Colorado, and Illinois. This is a perfect club for people that don’t want to commit to one place for a long time.

You can take a different trip each year and discover parts of the world you’ve never seen. Keep an eye out for resorts in Mexico and Italy if you want a peaceful and luxurious stay. 

Become a Hilton Vacation Club Member

If you’re thinking about investing in a timeshare, you might as well find one that suits your lifestyle. 

Hilton Vacation Club offers the best rooms in the most desirable locations. You can take advantage of the wonderful spas and dining on-site or explore the area. When you reserve your trip with your Hilton points, you can trust that you’ll have an unforgettable vacation. 

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