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Why is SEO Important in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing are considered two coins of a side that goes hand in hand. Even though you might have a basic understanding of what SEO is, the experts at SEO company in Dubai are here to help you to get a detailed understanding of the complex strategy.

So, let’s get started with understanding the gigantic magnitude of SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO implies optimizing the web pages or websites for specific keywords for a better ranking in Google. As a result, when someone searches for the same/similar keyword query, your site will pop up on SERP aka the first page of google that appears on your screen.

So let’s consider if you are in dire need of a digital marketing company and decided to google it. The search engine will give you the 10 best possible and relevant results to your question.

Those sites are optimized to answer user questions, by using keywords such as the finest digital marketing company in Kochi and best digital marketing services. Keep in mind that ad-boosted searches appear above organic results but we are only discussing organic search results for the specific query here. If your site is correctly optimized for the keyword queries that users type into the Google search box, it will rank on the first page.

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing 

Take any digital marketing plan, you won’t find one being successful without an SEO strategy. While it takes time, patience and constant effort, the end outcome is worth the wait for SEO. Besides, the long-term advantages must be our key goal.

1. Ranking and Visibility

Users are most likely to interact with the top search results on the first SERP page. The higher the rank, the better. Proper SEO strategies will help you rank the page for proper keywords. This ultimately means increases in your organic visibility.

2. Boost in website traffic 

SEO improves organic traffic to your website and attracts new and relevant customers if it is done properly. High-quality content and a user-friendly website that satisfy the buyer persona of a visitor are the not-so-secret formulae behind website traffic. This will enhance your chances of ranking on the first page, which ultimately means more credibility.

3. Increase in Credibility 

An efficient SEO strategy will let you bag top spots on Google’s search page. Your website will benefit from potential consumers discovering on their own from SERP pages. Appearing in the top five results on the SERP page will definitely give you a rank of credibility.

Nowadays, people do have a fair idea about the hard work and effort to rank on the top page and the quality standards that a post/website must meet to get that position. 

4. Smooth User Experience

A properly structured website will make you want to stay there until you finish your buyer’s journey. When you create a site that is customized to meet the requirements of the user, the search engine can easily get the relevant information and give it to the user. However, If a potential customer finds it hard to navigate through your website,  it will be the same for search engines and their crawlers. Keep the potential client/visitor on your website happy and SEO will handle the rest.

5. Long-term growth 

Long-term growth is the goal of most SEO professionals. A website that has high-quality and valuable content will automatically drive traffic and reaches its goals with proper SEO strategies.

6. Puts you on top of the competition

Just like how keep an eye out for your competitors, keep up the same energy for the SEO strategies of your competitors. SEO giants including MOZ and SEMrush will let you see what keywords your competitors rank for and, their backlinking strategies. You can easily design a strategy to outrank your competition based on these data.

SEO Strategies To Adapt for Your Website

1. On-Page SEO strategy 

Touted as one of the common SEO strategies, On-page SEO simply means optimizing the pages and content on a website. This strategy includes finding and using relevant keywords on properly structured content and tags and optimizing your headings/subheadings with the keywords.

Strategically positioned keywords and high-quality content should be your top priority. Image alt text and other optimizations for photos should be considered and done with equal importance. All of these following steps will ultimately result in a result-driven on-page strategy.

On-page SEO optimization applies to all pages of a website. So, proper website optimization can guarantee a good possibility of ranking on SERP for relevant keywords.

2. Off-Page SEO 

The Off-page strategy includes acquiring and creating relevant backlinks for your site from other websites with high Domain Authority. Promoting your links and content on various platforms is also a part of off-page optimization.

Backlinks can be simply put as recommendations/referring sites on other websites mentioned in their content/website. They will be redirecting their readers to your website for further info. 

The main goal of backlink acquisition is to provide relevant material that other sites want to link to. A SERP study revealed that about, 40.7% of SEO specialists believe that content marketing strategies including guest blogging and surveys are effective methods for gaining backlinks.

Furthermore, other off-page SEO methods engage with audiences on social media platforms like Quora and Reddit, utilizing Pinterest and more. Being genuine is essential here. You want to come across as helpful with information rather than commercial.

In a world where new websites pop up on daily basis, keeping updated with SEO tactics is a much-needed move.

Call Now for Your SEO and Digital Marketing Needs.

Aside from all this, having a good SEO team on your side is extremely essential to the success of your digital marketing efforts. We’d love to have a conversation with you about how important is SEO and how it will act as a catalyst to help your business to reach new miles.


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