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6 Cozy Fireplace Decor Ideas

Fireplaces aren’t typically the primary source of heat in a home. Only 1.9% of houses use wood to keep their spaces warm during the cold months of the year. However, gas and wood fireplaces are common in modern homes, even if they’re used for decorative purposes. 

You can create a focal point in your living or family room by taking your fireplace decor to the next level. There are many design elements you can swap out during the year, depending on the season. Your fireplace doesn’t even have to be functioning for you to enjoy these unique fireplace ideas. 

This guide will discuss our top six favorite fireplace decorations. Create a cozy atmosphere in your house where you and your loved ones can gather. 

1. Hang a Photo or Artwork 

The blank wall space above your fireplace is a great spot to place some artwork or a favorite photo. You can have a family photo blown up and framed to hang on your wall. One great option is to have the photo printed on a canvas so you don’t have to worry about having it matted and framed. 

Many people choose to hang their TVs in that spot. While you might think it’s a great spot, the high heat from your fire could potentially pose a danger to your TV. The height of your TV might make it uncomfortable to watch television if you have to tilt your head too much. 

2. Incorporate Natural Shelving 

There are a ton of different options you can choose from if you don’t already have a mantel above your fireplace. Oak beams come in multiple color options. You can choose one that matches the existing decor and colors in your home. 

3. Paint Your Bricks 

While the look of natural bricks can create a cozy home, painting it is a way to restore the old stone to its former glory. A dark fireplace can make your room feel dark and cavelike. A fresh coat of paint will breathe life back into your space and create a focal point. 

Follow these tips to paint the bricks around your fireplace:

  • Thoroughly clean the bricks with a wire brush to loosen the grime
  • Paint a primer on the bricks to hide stains
  • Slightly thin the paint so it’s easier to apply

4. Incorporate Plants

Place plants on your fireplace mantel if you don’t use your fireplace or if it’s during the off-season. Indoor plants can make your space feel calm and vibrant. The mantel is also a great spot to put plants you don’t want your pets to get to. 

5. Create a Library

Fill your unused fireplace with books (after thoroughly cleaning it). You can put books that you’re getting ready to read in the fireplace. Carefully select what books you want in there to create a collage. 

6. Cluster Candles Inside

Candles of varying heights and widths look wonderfully placed inside a fireplace. You can even put them in there if you use your fireplace on occasion. The candles will set the mood of your room while providing a warm glow. 

Follow Our Top Six Fireplace Decor Tips

It doesn’t take much to take your home to the next level with our fireplace decor tips. You can create a cozy fireplace with a few pictures, plants, or a coat of paint. There are many cost-effective ways to make your home more inviting. 

Did you find this article helpful? Check out one of our other articles for more design tips. 


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