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6 Instagram Marketing Tips to Uplift Your Brand’s Reach

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform with more than 1.3 billion active monthly users as of 2023. The platform is the original trendsetter of social media marketing. Instagram has shaped social media commerce’s landscape and creator economy. The platform has also changed the way brands use social media for business purposes.

Most brands use Instagram to attain massive audiences. With the right strategies, you can also become an influential and top brand on the platform. How can you utilize Instagram marketing to uplift your brand’s reach?

Becoming a successful brand using Instagram marketing is competitive but not impossible. To make your brand shine in this competitive platform, take a grip on Trollishly and boost your brand’s recognition quickly. Let’s find out 6 Instagram marketing tips to uplift your brand’s reach:

Instagram Marketing

Marketing on the Instagram platform is the process of brands taking advantage of the power of the Instagram platform to attain their target customers. The platform helps increase your brand awareness and showcase your products and services to its vast audience.

According to recent statistics, Instagram is the top platform for brands to build relationships with audiences. Also, many people said they had bought products they had seen on Instagram, making it an excellent place for business owners and marketers.

Tips to Uplift Your Brand’s Reach

1. Enhance Your Profile

First, you must create an Instagram account and switch to a business account. Include your business’s information in your bio. Then link your product catalog on your profile. Finally, turn on Instagram shopping. Shortly, make sure your profile has the following:

  • A captivating Instagram bio that briefly describes your brand.
  • A call-to-action button to click the link in your bio.
  • A high-definition profile picture (a logo or a headshot).
  • Instagram Story highlights and well-designed covers.

Instagram marketing is one of the easiest ways to bring awareness to your brand. You don’t have to be a professional creator or an influencer to set up a good profile. Just give your brand’s message in your bio concisely. Moreover, to make your brand’s messages reach the target customers, you can go on to buy reels likes for your posts. As a result, your brand’s sales will start to amplify.

2. Research Your Audience

An ideal digital marketing strategy begins with a better understanding of the target audience. The audience demographics on Instagram give you an overall analysis of your content performance. Using Instagram insights, you can discover the demographic information of your existing audiences.

To get access to Instagram analytics, you need a large audience following. Cross-promote your Instagram posts and create strategies to bring your audience from other social media pages to your Instagram page.

3. Collaborate With an Influencer

As you all know, influencer marketing is the best marketing tool for brands to reach their desired audiences. An Instagram influencer is a creator with a huge audience base who holds the power to influence their audiences.

Simply put, if you collaborate with an influencer, your brand can reach a wider audience. Usually, influencers charge for collaborations. If you choose a top influencer, you will need a huge budget. An influencer’s charge differs based on their image, reach, and audience base on the platform.

Almost all top brands to startups work with influencers to maximize their reach on the platform. On Instagram, you can find influencers for all niches and industries. Macro influencers have over a million followers base, and micro-influencers have over 10,000 followers. So choose an influencer in your niche and collaborate with them to elevate your brand’s reach.

4. Level Up Your Hashtag Game

The simplest way to gain more audiences on Instagram is to utilize hashtags. Half of the hashtags on Instagram are branded hashtags.

Instagram lets audiences search for what they need by utilizing hashtags. Posts with at least one hashtag even receive a greater engagement rate than posts without hashtags.

The platform lets you utilize up to 30 hashtags in a single post. A recent analysis shows that a post with 11 hashtags is likely to perform well. Be selective when choosing hashtags. Do not only use hashtags that are popular and trending. Utilize relevant, niche, and branded hashtags in your content.

5. Include Relevant Captions and CTAs

The role of a caption is to make your audience know what your posts are about. So write captions that are not only informative but also interesting. Instagram allows you to write captions a maximum of 2,000 characters in length.

Although, you don’t always have to write lengthy captions. Short descriptions are also efficient. The main point is to write simple, relevant, and attractive captions. Captions make your audience stay and watch your content till the end.

If your audiences watch your post or reel until the end, it will raise your average watch time and engagement rate. In addition, you may try out Trollishly and build up your audience engagement automatically. Also, remember to add appropriate call-to-action buttons in your captions.

Your audiences might not always understand what you are trying to convey in your content. Including a relevant CTA and adding a link in your bio helps your audience know what action to take next.

6. Organize Competitions and Giveaways

Another way to promote your brand on Instagram is to organize a contest or a giveaway. That means a gift or an offer to your audiences in exchange for promoting your brand’s products and services. Just encourage your audiences to:

  • Tag three or more friends under your post.
  • Upload a video or an image mentioning your brand’s hashtag on their page.
  • To create review posts and tag your brand’s page.

By offering giveaways, you can gain more audiences on your Instagram page. Instead of giveaways, you can also organize competitions. So your audiences will be interested and may take part in the competition.

Wrapping It Up

Instagram is a rapidly evolving platform. Each trend and features shape the marketing landscape of the platform. Hopefully, the above Instagram marketing tips help uplift your brand’s reach.

There is no denying that the platform holds immense potential to increase your brand’s reach. Successful brands are the ones that have an effective marketing strategy. Follow the above tips to help your business reach wider audiences.


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