8 Helpful Tips for Running a Restaurant

About 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years of opening. Before you begin running a restaurant, it helps to have a documented plan. Otherwise, you could invest time and money in a restaurant business destined to fail.

Here are eight helpful tips for running a successful restaurant you can start using from day one. Applying these tips could even help you turn your restaurant into a franchise.

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1. Offer Seamless Experiences

Create a seamless, immersive experience for your restaurant guests. Offering the best possible experience will encourage guests to come back for more. You can gain and retain customers to boost your ROI.

Their experience includes:

  • Food and drink quality
  • Parking and seating
  • Payment processes
  • Interactions with staff and management

Try to serve the best food in town. Serving food at the highest possible quality can boost your price point. Otherwise, you won’t stand apart from competitors.

Try to exceed the diner’s expectations at every point. If you fail to meet expectations, guests won’t leave. They’ll tell friends and family members about their unhappy experiences.

You might start gaining negative reviews, which can hurt your restaurant’s brand reputation. 

If your team makes mistakes, recognize each problem and determine solutions to avoid them in the future. Let your restaurant guests know you hear and care about their concerns. Then, strive to do better in the future. 

2. Prioritize Your Staff

To run a successful restaurant, you need a staff that can back you up. Your kitchen staff will act as the backbone of your business. The front-of-house team will become the face of your business.

Make sure your entire team understands the brand you want to portray. 

For example, the front-of-house team should understand the importance of hospitality. They should make your guests feel welcomed and well cared for.

Prioritize hiring a happy, devoted, and motivated team by:

  • Outlining your values
  • Establishing a hiring method
  • Showing your staff you appreciate them
  • Spotting stressors and eliminating them
  • Providing opportunities for growth
  • Conducting regular check-ins

To show your staff that you appreciate all their hard work, consider pay raises and group outings. Don’t undervalue verbal praise to show your appreciation.

Communicate with your team. Ask them what problems affect their ability to work to the standards you’ve set. They’ll help you recognize areas for improvement, enabling your restaurant business to become and stay successful.

If you continue losing unhappy staff members, you’ll waste time and money training new teams over time. 

3. Establish a Brand

Establishing a unique brand can make your restaurant easily recognizable. Otherwise, you could fade into the background among other local restaurants. Your branding should include your:

  • Core values
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Personality
  • Imagery style
  • Logo style
  • Font styles
  • Color palette

Maintain brand consistency with your print and digital marketing. If you display a different brand, you might confuse consumers. 

4. Start Marketing

Once you establish your brand, try to create a buzz for your restaurant business. Creating a buzz online will drive more people to visit your restaurant. As more people fall in love with your restaurant, you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing to attract more guests. 

Try to seat your restaurant so it always appears full. During slower hours, open your sections visible to walk-by traffic. Seat guests outdoors when the weather permits.

Anyone who walks by will think the restaurant is packed, which can encourage them to look into your restaurant themselves. 

Encourage your guests to post about your restaurant on social media. Create a branded hashtag for your restaurant. Consider hosting giveaways and contests by raffling off coupons or free appetizers.

Keep track of social media trends, especially those other restaurants are using. 

5. Organize Your Accounting

Remain proactive with your accounting and operating procedures.

Set up a system and continuously enforce it. Remain organized and track all expenses over time. Dive into:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Opportunities for growth and improvement
  • Physical changes you can make

Monitor the changes you make to confirm they’re helping your business.

Schedule weekly inventories. Regular accounting can help you improve your menu, deal with price fluctuations, and budget to avoid going out of business. 

6. Maintain Consistency

Once you begin using these tips for running a restaurant company, remain consistent. Consistency is key to maintaining guest loyalty. Otherwise, their frequency of visits won’t improve.

Increasing how often they visit can help maximize your sales. You can start gaining long-term regulars who love and rave about your restaurant. 

Keep the service, atmosphere, and quality of food consistent over time. Don’t forget to check in with your staff. 

7. Highlight Quality

Highlighting your restaurant’s unique qualities will help you stand out from competing restaurants. It will also give guests a reason to come back.

Determine your unique value proposition (what sets you apart from other restaurants). Showcase it in your social media posts by sharing high-quality, engaging images.

Get people talking about the unique experiences you offer. Encourage guests to return or spread the word about your business. 

When making purchases for your business, buy smart instead of cheap. Choosing quality equipment will support your team. If something breaks down in the middle of a shift, quality could suffer.

Purchase premium products that won’t go bad in the walk-in to save on good costs. Buying the best is more cost-effective in the long run.

8. Explore and Expand

Look for ways to explore and expand your business over time. For example, you can offer an alfresco service or start delivering. Keep track of your competitors to recognize new ways to improve your service, atmosphere, and food quality.

You can look at the Michelin restaurant guide to study your competitors. 

Finding ways to expand and improve your business can help take your profits to a new level.

Start Running a Restaurant Successfully Today

Running a restaurant doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, use these tips to set your business up for success. Using these tips can help you get ahead of competitors while allowing you to expand your business. 

Start growing with these tips today.

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