An Essential Guide To Hiring A Commercial Plumber

Running a business is exciting, but it’s also a handful. You must have suitable and qualified professionals for each job. For instance, if you need to set up an effective cybersecurity plan, hiring information technology services from experts is the way to go. If you want to analyze the financial performance of your business, you need a qualified auditor. 

In the same way, you’ll need a professional plumber to handle commercial plumbing system repair, installation, and maintenance. It’s the only way to ensure the work is done right the first time. They have the experience to identify and diagnose plumbing issues on time before it results in severe health complications or structural damage. 

However, finding a qualified one can be challenging, and you’ll have to do your due diligence. If you’re wondering how to hire the right commercial plumber for your business, here are a few pointers: 

1. Determine Your Plumbing Needs

You must first determine the plumbing issues in your commercial property to find the right plumber. Different plumbers may have varying expertise and experience, meaning they may be unable to perform all repairs. For instance, the plumber you’ll need for a new construction or renovation project may differ from the one you’ll need to unclog your drainage. 

Once you determine your needs, look for a plumber specializing in that area. They’ll likely have more skills to handle the plumbing problem than the rest. Alternatively, you can hire a company, such as the Fergusons Plumbing Group, or others with a broader range of service providers. They’re also flexible and have the resources to handle all types of projects. 

2. Check For License And Insurance

Whether hiring a commercial or residential plumber, checking for licenses and operating permits is crucial. A service provider with the necessary work permits complies with the legal requirements. It shows they’ve undergone training and meet the safety standards and other regulations set by the responsible authorities. 

In some instances, especially during new constructions or renovations, you may need to acquire plumbing permits from the local authorities. Licensed professionals know their way around it and can quickly obtain the permits on your behalf. 

You should also ensure the service provider has insurance. Plumbing can involve dangerous activities as one may have to deal with water supply lines, pressurized systems, and hazardous materials like asbestos. Hiring an insured plumber will protect you and your business from liabilities if an injury or damage occurs during the repair.

3. Consider Their Experience 

A service provider could’ve undergone the training required when setting up a plumbing business but may not have the commercial or industry experience to tackle the issue. Therefore, to be on the safer side, ensure you conduct thorough background research to know their experience level. 

For instance, if you run a healthcare facility, you’d want to hire a plumbing technician or company with experience in the industry. They know how to handle themselves around patients and have taken the required vaccinations. 

On the other hand, if your business contains office spaces and residential houses, you’d want a plumber experienced enough to conduct repairs and updates to suit the needs of the residents and businesses. The plumbing system is among the many aspects people consider before buying a home or renting space, and you’d want it to be perfect. 

4. Request For Referrals

Another convenient way to locate a reputable plumbing service is through referrals. You can ask for recommendations from friends, family, and other entrepreneurs. They may have a list of qualified experts who’ll deliver exceptional work. 

Once you receive the recommendations, dig into their websites and assess reviews and ratings from other clients. Check their comments on availability, customer support, and the quality of their services. You’d want to hire a service provider with top-notch communication skills and one available around the clock for clarifications and emergencies. It would also be better to consider one near you for convenience.

5. Compare Quotations

Request quotations once you establish a list of potential plumbers you’d want to hire. It’ll give you an idea of the amount to pay for services. It’ll also help you find a plumber with affordable prices and quality services. 

From here, it’ll be easy to plan your budget as you can approximate the amount you need for the project. Ensure the quotation indicates the plumbing repair cost breakdown from materials and labor to additional charges. This will enable you to distribute and allocate funds accordingly.

6. Check For Warranties

Some plumbing companies and technicians offer standard warranties for their services, and they’re the ones you’d want to recruit. It shows they value customer satisfaction and are confident about their work and the materials used for the repairs. 

Also, the warranty guarantees that the service provider will rectify issues that may arise within the warrantied period. This saves you the money you’d otherwise use to hire a new plumber to conduct the repair. Therefore, ensure you check and document it before you sign any contracts. 


Hiring a qualified professional for plumbing issues is crucial for your business. They have the expertise to tackle the problem and inspect the plumbing system for undetected issues. However, you must first identify your needs and conduct thorough research to find the best plumber in the industry. 


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