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Making processes smooth within the company may take some time, and we are here to help you with that. Many businesses now have to deal with work from home monitoring in a proper way, so they are looking for time-tracking software to organize that process. Here is the article that would tell you more about employee monitoring software and service.

Importance of Employee Monitoring Services

Remote work is now more common than ever before across various companies all over the world. There are many reasons for that, starting from technological development to uncontrolled natural processes.

Being a relatively new approach, the “remote work” or “work from home” concept has many aspects to deal with. Sometimes, remote work is called “smart working”, which hints that this approach conceals lots of benefits and potential for companies. At the same time, smart working is also associated with risks. The greatest of them is that employees won’t do anything when working out of the office.

Companies adapt employee monitoring services within their operational processes to deal with the fear of possible inaction of employees working at home. Such services are designed to register employees’ activities and see how much time they spend on each task. Sometimes monitoring software tools even have the option to register the screen secretly but employees need to be aware of that.

WorkTime – Time Tracking Software

To help businesses deal with remote workers and prevent a lack of productivity, WorkTime software was particularly developed for that. WorkTime – employee monitoring software & service widely used by many companies in different industries already and shows its incredible effectiveness.

WorkTime is also widely implemented for office employees because it offers more than time-tracking services. This employee monitoring software also checks which websites, software, documents, and other digital objects are visited by an employee. Checking this might be an issue when certain employees underperform and often deliver tasks after deadlines.

On the contrary, WorkTime also shows over performing employees, who constantly work more than needed. Overtime might also be as insidious as underperforming as it conceals the risk of so-called professional burnout. Do you need such employees who are tired of the work they once loved? Obviously, not. Work-life balance is valuable, and the WorkTime tool ensures that for your employees. 

Another useful function of WorkTime is that it shows how much time an employee has spent on a particular task. This greatly helps managers to plan future sprints and workloads in their teams.

Other Time Tracking Services

WorkTime is a great time-tracking software, with lots of features, but you might also want to know about other similar tools. Those have fewer extra features but still perfectly carry out their principal function.


This is a cloud-based work from home monitoring software that allows employees to enter their tasks and the time spent on them. Also, Clockify easily integrates with other widely-used tools across enterprises such as Jira.


Another time-monitoring tool, TMetric, is available online via a browser or desktop application. Apart from time tracking, TMetrics also offers advanced reporting opportunities.


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