Timeshare Freedom Group: Can They Cancel Your Timeshare?

Are you dissatisfied with your timeshare ownership? If yes, then it’s not uncommon. In fact, many of the timeshare owners’ interest in getting out of timeshare has tripled after their first vacation.  

It’s the stage where people realize timeshares are not for everyone and decide to cancel the timeshare contract. In this situation where the need for timeshare exit companies exists. But which one is best? Timeshare Freedom Group?  

In this article, you’ll get a clear insight into the Timeshare Freedom Group reviews and whether they will be able to cancel your timeshare contract. 

Who is the Timeshare Freedom Group? 

Timeshare Freedom Group is a timeshare exit company that has been in the timeshare business since 2010. It has several offices in states including New York, Florida, Illinois, and Virginia. The company is ready to work with those who don’t live in the same state. So, you don’t need to worry about that; the company takes the cases within the state. Like other timeshare exit companies, the Timeshare Freedom Group negotiates on behalf of the clients to eliminate it. 

Timeshare Freedom Group Reviews 

Timeshare Freedom Group is a leading timeshare exit company with an excellent online reputation. Mostly the reviews of the company are positive, and previous clients have given higher ratings on platforms such as TrustPilot, Google, and Better Business Bureau. Moreover, Timeshare Freedom Group reviews have positive testimonials and 5-star ratings from former clients on the Yelp and Facebook pages. Additionally, most of the company’s reviews on BBB have one star. 

Can Timeshare Freedom Group Cancel Your Timeshare? 

The company has negative as well as positive reviews on online rating sites. Many reviews define that the staff is diligent and attentive. Instead of believing and focusing on negative reviews, you can select the company based on its best exit strategy. Moreover, the company has helped many people to exit their timeshare contracts at a low price. Additionally, the company uses legal experts, so your timeshare exit process works smoothly and effectively. 

Timeshare Freedom Group Exit Process 

Timeshare Freedom Group’s cancellation is a four-tired process. The whole process includes consulting, planning, managing, and exiting. Let’s discuss these steps in detail: 

  • Consultation- The company offers all clients a free consultation. In this process, timeshare owners meet with a cancellation advisor to review their specific situation. In the consultation, the consultant provides you with an estimation of the total timeshare cost. The initial step of consulting with the customer before proceeding is standard for any timeshare exit company. The company aims to establish a relationship with the client and form an understanding of their unique timeshare situation. 
  • Planning- Once you decide to work with the Timeshare Freedom Group, the company will introduce you to a client manager. The client manager can request detailed timeshare bills, including maintenance fees and recent payments. Then, the client manager will create a strategy for you according to your situation. 
  • Managing- The third step includes managing, in which the client manager starts implementing the strategy they have made. It’s when the company takes all the responsibilities of getting the client out of their contract, and the manager will update the client on how their case is going every month. Usually, the process takes 6-24 months to cancel the timeshare agreement. 
  • Exiting- In this step, the company received the cancellation terms from the client’s timeshare company. The company will comprehensively examine the terms with the client to ensure everything fits their liking. Once approved, the client will get written confirmation that their timeshare contract is officially canceled. 


In conclusion, for some people, timeshare is totally different from expectations; for others, it’s a good investment. Those unsatisfied with their timeshare investment find some timeshare exit companies like Timeshare Freedom Group. It’s the best company and can cancel your timeshare contract. However, Timeshare Freedom Group reviews might disappoint you, but as said earlier, it’s better to focus on the positive sides instead of believing in the wrong.  

Hope it helps! 


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