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Tips to Finding Affordable and Comfortable Temporary Housing

Comfortable and affordable aren’t always synonymous. At least, that’s what many seem to believe.

It’s time to dispel that myth. When it comes to short-term rentals and corporate housing, there’s a way to enjoy both.

If you’re interested in learning more, this piece contains a collection of tips. Plus a relatively new innovative idea on how to score an affordable and comfortable temporary home. Yup, you can have both. Rest assured, this will help you achieve a major goal: saving money without sacrificing comfort.

Comfort Level

Most people are content with a place as long as it’s clean, with crisp fresh sheets and privacy. If they’re staying for an extended period, the added convenience of a kitchen and space to unwind and relax is always a perk.

When it comes to other aspects of what they look for in housing, people differ. Some prefer a quiet atmosphere. Others have a high noise tolerance, and don’t mind being in the heart of the action.

Where do you fit as far as comfort goes? Being aware of your personal comfort level baseline is the best place to start.

If you’re on a budget, this is not a moment where you fly off into a dream situation – images of a penthouse suite or anything ostentatious in its grandeur. Limit it to just the essentials.

Pro Tip:

  • Focus on needs instead of the nice to haves
  • Create a list of your comfort level baseline requirements


People tend to gravitate to large spaces. 

When it comes to our needs however, humans don’t require a sprawling pad with floor to ceiling windows. Downsizing to a smaller home not only saves you money, there’s also less cleaning time. Plus, less square feet means you’re less inclined to fill it up with things. 

You can only be in one room at a time anyway, and it’s easy to find more room if you need it. Take a walk for example, or head somewhere else when the desire for a change of scenery strikes.

A small home doesn’t mean you sacrifice comfort.

Pro Tip:

  • Be realistic about space requirements

Plan from a Budgetary Perspective

No matter where you go, there will likely be different pockets and parts of the area that are more expensive than others. Downtown, for example. Business centers. Those all tend to have higher rents and overnight rates due to demand.

Be open to other locations. Suburban neighborhoods, and places on the outskirts of town. You may have a longer commute but you’ll also have something comfortable and affordable – and quieter too, if that’s important.

Another trick is to do the opposite: find a spot that’s close to where you have to report to work, close enough to walk, thus eliminating the need to rent a car entirely. Transportation costs quickly add up, and are the second highest expense category for USA households.

By cutting costs commonly associated with day-to-day activities, there’s more in the budget for what’s important.

It can help to look at this holistically: look at all the components that influence spending. Check out distances on Google Maps. Look up cost of living, and review any articles that pertain to where you’re going to discover potential ways to save.

Pro Tip:

  • Research new location
  • Map out less expensive doable areas
  • Save by extending commute and living in an affordable area
  • Save by eliminating commute and cutting transportation costs
  • Cut lifestyle costs
  • Factor in new cost of living

Take Advantage of New Innovative Businesses & Technology

Technology continues to make life easier for us; paper maps and heavy thick phonebooks are now a thing of the past.

Finding short-term rentals used to be a cumbersome, stressful, and time consuming pursuit. Thankfully, that’s also a thing of the past.

Here’s what it looks like now. Let’s say you’re looking for comfortable and affordable corporate housing in San Antonio, Texas. The best way to find what you’re looking for is to go through Travelers Haven. They’re basically a matchmaker, they pair those looking for a short-term rental in a specific area with the perfect home.

How does it work? Their team takes your must-haves – including budget and location – and scours the area. They work with all sorts of different types of corporate housing and short-term rentals, and create a list of properties that meet your criteria. You simply have to review the list and pick your favorite. They offer this service for free.

Just visit their website, provide them with your location and dates, and receive a list of options. 

Besides the convenience factor, the properties they work with are vetted. If there’s an issue, they’ll help you rectify it. Plus, billing is a cinch.

Pro Tip:

  • Use a free service to find a list of affordable short-term housing options for you


With a little research, some creativity, and additional help from experts, comfort and ease on a budget await.


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