Important Wedding Transportation Tips

Wedding season is true around the corner and everyone is starting to lock in transportation for their big day! Everyone wants their wedding to be exactly as they have always dreamed it would be: the photographer that finds the perfect lighting, cinematographer which will smoothly transition from scene to scene, transportation that creates you feel like a high roller and a DJ that can play the perfect mix that even get grandma out on the dance floor.

Here are three important tips to stay in mind when booking your wedding transportation:

* be careful for excessive fees. Including gratuity is pretty standard within the industry but many companies will also try to charge you a fuel surcharge and sales tax (this tax does not exist in Illinois).

* Ask what each company can provide you thereupon is unique to the competition. Most will just contribute a bottle of champagne and some ice. this is often your big day; see if you can get something more.

For Example: Limo trainmen differentiates itself from the competition by providing a concierge, together with the driver, to make sure everything runs smoothly, additional champagne & beer on board together with red carpet service.

* be careful for “Farm Out Companies!” A farm out company typically has a website that provides every type of transportation: a wide variety of stretch hummers, coach buses, stretch SUVs, party buses, stretch limos, etc. You say: “Wow!

These guys have everything!” actually these companies use stock photos from Google on their website and probably only have one or two vehicles IF ANY! They will take your booking, take some hundred dollars off the top and sell your wedding transportation to a random company.

You presumably will not get the vehicle in the picture, you actually will not get the same company you spoke to on the phone and for all you know they gave the job to 1 star service . Ask if they really own the vehicle and if you can see it beforehand if you are suspicious.


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