Learn How to Pass the WorkKeys Test

Learning how to pass the WorkKeys test is an important part of determining whether you have the skills that will help you succeed in the workplace. This assessment can be taken by high school juniors and seniors, and by adults who want to prove they have the workplace skills needed for a particular job.

ACT WorkKeys tests are high-stakes assessments that measure “real-world” skills employers say are essential for success in the workplace. Taking them helps you demonstrate your knowledge of math, reading and writing, and other critical workplace skills.

The ACT WorkKeys assessment is an easy way to learn how to be a successful employee and build the foundation for future success in your career. It’s also a good way for you to find out what you are strong at and where you need more practice.

Your ACT WorkKeys Score Explained

Each of the eight ACT WorkKeys tests have different levels, and a Level Score can tell you how well you’ve performed at each level. For example, your Level 3 Applied Math score indicates that you’re proficient in math reasoning and problem-solving.

You’ll also need a Level 3 or higher in the ACT WorkKeys Applied Technology, Business Writing and Observation tests. These tests are designed to evaluate your ability to analyze and solve problems, as well as write professionally-looking documents that are free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Take a Practice Test

The best way to prepare for the WorkKeys assessment is to take a WorkKeys practice test. It will give you a sense of what types of questions you’ll be asked, and how to approach them.

Many WorkKeys testing centers offer free practice tests to help you get a feel for the test. These tests can be taken either online or on paper.

Practicing before you take the real test will make you more confident and ensure that you are comfortable with the format and content of each exam. You can also use a study guide to help you better understand the test and how to tackle it.

What Your WorkKeys Score Means

The National Career Readiness Certificate is a nationally recognized credential that confirms you have the skills needed to be employed in a variety of occupations and industries. Earning this certificate at different levels can help you to secure a higher salary in the long run, as well as prove to potential employers that you have the skills that will enable you to be successful in the workplace.

You can learn how to pass the WorkKeys test by completing the assessments on your own time, as many times as you like, and only sharing your results with employers when you are ready to share them.

How to Pass the WorkKeys Test With a Practice Test

The WorkKeys tests are designed to give you an idea of what type of questions you will be asked on your actual test, so it’s best to practice for them before you actually sit down to take them. The ACT website has several practice tests you can try, so check them out!


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