How to Run a Bed and Breakfast Inn

Last September, more than one million rentals were listed in the United States on Airbnb.

This rental app is transforming the travel industry, but it isn’t a new concept. Bed and breakfast inns have been around for centuries. They are so successful because they offer a personalized and genuine experience to each guest.

Airbnb might be booking a lot of rooms, but if you’re interested in running an inn, you should focus on what matters. Keep reading to learn how to run a bed and breakfast inn that will be profitable and successful! 

Create Your Concept 

It’s best to start designing your experience before you purchase a piece of property. 

Many types of bed and breakfasts have peculiar themes or locations. If you’re passionate about something, you can use your expertise to decorate and create your guest’s experience. 

You must set yourself apart from other rental options with a charismatic environment. When guests arrive at your inn, think about how you want them to feel. Whether you focus on comfort, imagination, or history, people will appreciate your attention to detail. 

List out all your ideas and try to brainstorm special touches that will make people revisit your inn. 

Set a Budget 

Once you’ve created a plan, it’ll be easier to start organizing your budget.

Most business owners apply for a small business loan to help with start-up costs and buying a piece of land. If you don’t have a financial partner or the money to cover the expenses, loans are your best solution. 

Aside from allocating money toward land, you’ll have to cover utility costs and maintenance fees. If you will be living on the property, you can save money. This isn’t common since unfamiliar people will be close by and know exactly where you live. 

Food, furniture, and marketing will also pull money out of your business account. You need to have a detailed plan for your inn so you don’t overlook any expenses. 

Find a Location

When it comes to starting a bed and breakfast, you need an excellent location or piece of property. 

Researching the companies that are selling an inn will ensure you get the best deal. Always walk through properties before investing in them, even if a real estate agent does a virtual visit. If you’re going to invest money in this concept, you need to be sure that everything is right.

Although you don’t want to be in an isolated area, you do want to offer privacy to guests. Try to look for buildings that are near tourist areas and venues, they will help fill your guestbook faster. 

The biggest issue people have with buying an inn is that they don’t consider the surroundings. Get a good look at the property and don’t skip a drive around town!

Establish Your Inn 

If you haven’t thought of a b&b name, you’ll have to do it before you proceed any further.

When you’re completing legal paperwork and applying for permits, your business name must be on the documents. You’ll need to establish your business with your state, there are a few fees for some applications. 

Getting an EIN for your business is a priority before you open the doors. Taking care of tax details before booking reservations will prevent you from getting stressed and having to cover legal fees. 

Make Things Comfortable 

Throwing a few cots in a house and selling a b&b won’t cut it, you need to make things as comfortable as possible.

Well-made furniture is an investment, but it’s worth the costs in the long run. With the latest furniture, landscaping, and decor, you can help guests feel like they are home or on a luxurious retreat. 

Depending on your location and theme, you can add creative ideas like tiki bars, entertainment areas, and hot tubs! If you want to ensure your inn is comfortable and ready for guests, you should first see what it’s like to stay in a room. 

Market & Book Reservations 

Airbnb and other rental applications are making it easier than ever to fill your rooms with guests. 

These apps aren’t necessary, however, for success. By marketing your inn in travel magazines or on billboards, you can help guests find your property. Booking reservations online is often the easiest for inn owners and guests since all accommodations can get noted in the system. 

Make sure you offer excellent customer service and answer the phone if people call to reserve a spot.

Provide the Ultimate Experience 

It was traditional for people to live in their bed and breakfast inn so they could give meals to guests.

Some people choose to be hands-free and invest in a property that others will help run. However you decide to manage the property, your guests should feel comfortable and have an easy way to contact you. 

If you decide to live off of the property, you must follow up with guests to make sure there aren’t any issues. The more hands-on you are with the inn, the better shape it will be in for future guests. 

Starting Booking Your Bed and Breakfast Inn

People are constantly traveling for vacations, family, work, and hobbies. 

Hotels are convenient, but they often lack character and are at busy intersections. The best way to make money in the travel industry is by starting a bed and breakfast inn. With the right concept and attention to detail, you can draw in guests from around the country. 

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