Magch Tablet Review: Everything You Need to Know

Are you searching for entertaining devices? Tablets are a great entertainment device in today’s world. Tablets are the ideal intermediate device between small mobile phones and large, bulkier laptops since they have a superior battery life, a larger display, and significant media consumption. In today’s article, we are talking about the Magch Tablet. Everything about that Tablet is covered in this article. To get that crucial information, keep reading. 

About Magch Tablet’s OS-

This is an Android tablet that comes with the latest form of Android, which is Android 11. This has been certified by GMS.

This next-gen Tablet has a 10-inch screen that accepts and provides all the Google services, such as YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and Drive. This also helps you access other google services. No bloatware or unwelcome advertising is present.

Unlike other communication devices here, also the play store from Google is already preinstalled. This allows you to access all the popular apps. The main goal behind making this Tablet is for multitasking, which also supports simple transitions. 

Hardware Components of This Tablet-

With a potent T10 chipset, this Android tablet offers a fast processor. This Octa-Core processor speeds up to 1.8 gigahertz. 

Magch provides average decent performance on daily usage. You can watch YouTube videos or Netflix movies or read news easily. This gives you a great user experience when you are switching between applications.

This is for something other than super-fast multitasking, don’t expect from it. You can expect average performance for daily usage.

Tablet’s Display Unit-

The 10.1-inch tablet’s display has a resolution of 1080p and measures 1920 by 1200 pixels with 224 pixels per inch (PPI) and a 16:9 aspect ratio. On this screen, a multi-media feast is served, bringing every element to life.

Its eye care comfort setting makes watching a screen in low light less taxing and more comfortable for the eyes.

The thoughtfully designed tablet decreases the quantity of potentially harmful blue light and eases eye strain. This is beneficial when using this Tablet in reading mode.

Battery Unit Of Magch Tablet-

It’s feasible to fully benefit from everyday amusement. Magch Tablet’s 6000 mAh battery provides up to 11 hours of mixed-use on a single charge (about 15 hours for reading, 9 hours for watching videos or movies, and 11 hours for regular use).

Radio with WIFI & GPS 

This gadget meets all your requirements for portable media, including inbuilt GPS and radio, and it is lightweight and made out of aluminium so that you can carry it anywhere and at any time. 

Video conferencing is now possible with the Magch tablet’s HD display and super-fast 5G speed of wifi and Bluetooth of v5.0 connectivity when paired with other devices.

Memory & Storage Unit Of Magch Tablet- 

Now you can store anything you want on this Tablet. This Magch Tablet comes with 64GB inbuilt Storage. This can hold HD films, pictures, and all the documentary files you need to store.

There is a great option of a micro SD card which can allow raising the storage capacity to 256GB. This helps you to store more content, films, and images, and this causes fewer deletions.

Sound system & Camera of this Tablet- 

Dual speakers give precise and high-quality audio reproduction for all of your favorite music.

You can get a respectable output in terms of quality if it has two cameras in it, one with 8 megapixels and the other with 13 MP for the rear-facing camera. Don’t anticipate any ground-breaking ideas, though. You can learn fundamental photography from it.

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Some Key Features of Magch Tablet-

Here are some key features of Magch tablet you should know before buy:

Numbers Of Kid-Appropriate Content- 

This Android Tablet offers you a range of age-appropriate and updated gaming content, videos, puzzles, paintings, educational apps, and kid-safe websites. These all are mainly built for kids and raise their reading skills, math skills, music, puzzles, and creative art concepts. Also, there is an app downloading option from a preinstalled app named “MAGCH.”

Next Level Parental Control-

With this prenatal mode, you can handle and create a safe customizable kid profile. You can also select hand-picked videos for your kids, control screen time, and also ensure that your kid browses safe websites. The main goal of this control system is to grow your child as per their age limit. “MAGCH manual” is an instruction guide that guides you on how to use kids mode and the parental mode in this Tablet.

Fully Kid Functioned Tablet-

This Tablet is preloaded with a kid app with having eye health mode that filters blue light. Its octa-core processor & latest android version supports all new educational games. It also supports 180 languages.

Have Enough For Learning and Playing- 

With 64GB inbuilt storage, which is expandable up to 256 GB by SD card stores more cartoons, movies, films, eBooks, educational games, etc. 6000mAh battery ensures more than 6 hours of mixed-use on a single charge. This battery life helps you on road trips or long flights.  

Shielded With Case/Dent Proof-

This Magch Tablet is specifically designed with a case that protects your kid’s Tablet from dust, bumps, and drops. It also has precise cut-outs of ports and cameras. Its adjustable stand on the back allows children to go hands-free for watching videos.

Helps in Online classes & Works from Home-

After the pandemic, many offline classes went online. So this Magch Tablet helps your children attend online classes easily. Also, it can help elders to work from home. Its good battery backup easily takes the pressure off your online work. Good Bluetooth connectivity and the latest Wi-Fi connectivity help you and your children in their work. 


Retail prices for this Android tablet start at just $ 149, and they can go even lower during sales. Hence, if you need a new tablet but don’t want an iPad, this affordable choice works just as well. Although it won’t make any top 5 lists of tablets, it is a respectable alternative to buy at the asking price. If you’re searching for a good Android tablet that won’t break the bank, the MAGCH tablet is the best option. All eyes are on this thing.


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