If you thought your car key was just a simple mechanical key then think again! Mark at The Auto Locksmith explains just how sophisticated today’s car keys have become, and why its important motorists understand a little more about the small device found in over 30,000000 peoples pockets, in the UK alone.

Most car keys are actually three devices in one:

Remote Control

Many car keys used today offer the ability to open and lock the car from a button built into the top of the key. This part of the key is commonly known as a remote locking fob. The remote usually operates on a radio frequency and allows the operator to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle. If the car is fitted with an alarm this will also be deactivated with the remote buttons.

Mechanical key 

The metal shaft part of the key is known as the ‘key blade’. The keys blade will be cut to a unique combination and allow the operator to manually unlock the car and operate the ignition.

Transponder chip 

A transponder is a small chip concealed in head of the key and is used to deactivate the cars immobilizer. Transponder chips were introduced to reduce car theft since only a correctly programmed key will enable the car to be started.

Some car keys even store data about the cars mileage and usage, thus making it much harder to illegally alter a cars mileage. When replacing the battery inside a car key its very common for the transponder chip to be damaged or lost. An auto locksmith can assist in replacing the chip and also provide full replacement car keys.


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